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Глоссарий по мебели и фурнитуре (английский)

  1. A body that is held to another body by an adhesive.

  2. A body which is held to another by an adhesive. adhesion 1. the joining of two surfaces as pieces of wood, metal, plastic, or oth...
adhesive joint
    The location at which two adherends are held together with a layer of adhesive.
advanced (typical) decay
    The older stage of decay in which the destruction is readily recognized because the wood has become punky, soft and spongy, stringy, ringshaked, pitted, or crumbly
air dried
    Dried by exposure to air in a yard or shed, without artificial heat.
allowable property
    The value of a property normally published for design use
american lumber standard
    The american softwood lumber standard, voluntary product standard ps–20 (national
anti-thrust bolt
    A spring bolt, for a night latch particularly, which cannot be pushed back when it has shot out and fastened a door, although it can be withdrawn by knob or key. this security device is usually ac...
anti-thrust plate
    An overlapping metal plate fitted to outward opening doors so as to prevent access to lock bolts.
antique finish
    A special finish to give the appearance of age to furniture. this is mostly done
    A tall storage unit that may have drawers and/or a clothing rod inside. used to store
arts and crafts design
    Simple and basic design, construction often able to be seen.
assembly adhesive
    An adhesive that can be used for bonding parts together, such as in the manufacture of a boat, airplane, furniture, and the like.
assembly joint
    Joints between variously shaped parts or subassemblies such as in wood furniture (as opposed to joints in plywood and laminates that are all quite similar).
automatic deadlatch
    A deadlatch, the main bolt of which is automatically locked (or deadlocked) when the door is closed.
  1. The plate, fixed on a door, to which the moving parts of a lock or latch are attached.

  2. A plate, usually metal or wood, which serves as a backing for a structural member.

  3. ... подложка мишени; тыльника;
balanced construction
  1. A construction such that the forces induced by uniformly distributed changes in moisture content

  2. A plywood or sandwich- panel construction which has an odd number of plies laminated...
bark pocket
    An opening between annual growth rings that contains bark
barrel bolt
    The common kind of door bolt having a round shoot running in a long continuous guide or strap attached by the backplate, the shoot being provided with a knob or the equivalent for operation by han...
bastard sawn
    Lumber (primarily hardwoods) in which the annual rings make angles of 30° to 60° with the surface of the piece.
bi-cast leather
    Split leather with a layer of polyurethane.
    Small localized areas in wood with the fibers indented
birmingham bar
    A steel bar fitted to the inside face of a door frame on the hinge side. blank (key) or key blank a partly made key, which has been shaped to enter the keyhole of a certain type of lock or latch, ...
blue stain
  1. A bluish or grayish discoloration of the sapwood caused by the growth of certain dark‑colored fungi on the surface and in the interior of the wood; made possible by the same conditio...
bond failure
    Rupture of adhesive bond.
bond strength
    The unit load applied in tension, compression,
    Term indicating ease or difficulty in bonding a material with adhesive.
bonded leather
    Leather combined with materials such as polyurethane to make it more durable
    The layer of adhesive that attaches two adherends.
bondline slip
    Movement within and parallel to the bondline
    An animal belonging to the cattle or ox family. box-edged: square seat front with welting or sewn seam on top and bottom. box pleat: in upholstery, a fold of fabric to the left, followed by a fold...
boxed heart
    The term used when the pith falls entirely within the four faces of a piece of wood anywhere in its length
    A condition that causes some pieces of wood to be relatively low in shock resistance for the species and, when broken in bending, to fail abruptly without splintering at comparatively small deflec...
breaking radius
  1. The limiting radius of curvature to which wood or plywood can be bent without breaking.

  2. The minimum radius of curvature that a piece of wood (or plywood) can be bent without breakin...
    An important characteristic of full grain leather. due to its intact grain and pore structure, full grain leather breathes. this means that the leather adjusts to temperature and wicks away moistu...
brown rot
  1. In wood, any decay in which the attack concentrates

  2. A fungus that destroys wood cellulose, leaving a brown powdery residue behind.
brown stain
  1. A rich brown to deep chocolate‑brown discoloration of the sapwood of some pines caused by a fungus that acts much like the blue‑stain fungi.

  2. A chocolate produced... mancha de color marrón .;
brushed coloring
    The process of applying dyestuff to the leather by means of a brush. in this cosmetic process dyes are not saturated into the hide. butt joint: type of joint where wood ends meet perpendicularly a...
buffed leather
    Leather from which the grain is removed by an abrasive or bladed cylinder. this process is used in altered or corrected grain leather.
bunk bed
    Two beds stacked on top of each other to allow more than one person to share a
burglar bars
    Steel bars, usually round or square in profile, cut to length and fixed internally to window frames.
burl veneer
    Veneers with a decorative irregular mottled pattern. made from the natural knots
cabinet lock
  1. A generic term to include all locks of any type for use on pieces of furniture, such as cupboards, drawers, chests, boxes and the like.

  2. A spring bolt.
camel back chair
    A chair that arches in the middle.
canopy bed
    A bed with tall posts on each corner and a panel connecting the posts. decorative
card table
    Table used to play poker or other card games. some have multi functionality and
    A condition of stress and set in dry lumber characterized by compressive stress in the outer layers and tensile stress in the center or core.