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Глоссарий по мебели и фурнитуре (английский)

naked leathera dyed leather that has received no topical application that may mask or alter the natural state of the leather.
shrunken grain leathera full, natural grain leather that is shrunken to enlarge and enhance the grain character of the leather.
natural graina leather that retains the full, original grain.
buffed leatherleather from which the grain is removed by an abrasive or bladed cylinder. this process is used in altered or corrected grain leather.
reconstructed leathermaterial composed of collagen fibers, obtained from macerated hide pieces, which have been reconstructed into a fibrous material. repeat: in fabric, a single complete unit of pattern as it repeats on a fabric. repeat: one complete cycle of a pattern in a fabric or wallpaper. a textile with a large repeat will require substantially more yardage to upholster a piece than a solid fabric, particularly when applied to a sofa.
grain (leather)the outside of the hide or skin consisting of the pores, cells, wrinkles and other characteristics which constitute the natural texture of the leather.
skiveto slice or split into a thin layer, or to reduce leather to a specific thickness.
rawhideuntanned or partially tanned cattle hide.
canopy beda bed with tall posts on each corner and a panel connecting the posts. decorative
hitchcock chaira chair that has a rush or caned seat and an oval turned top rail. it also has a
chaise loungea chair with a long bottom cushion to put legs up and relax. kind of a
slat back chaira chair with vertical and wide supports.
futona special type of sofa that can be converted into bed. good for small spaces.
daybeda twin size or full size bed that can also be used as a sofa. has footboard, headboard,
secretary deska unit with drawers and a writing surface that can drop down.
reclinerchair, sofa, or sectional that can recline. the footrest will pop up and the back of the
knock down or kd furniturefurniture that needs some minor assembly. this is different
theater seatingreclining chairs that can be attached at the arm, used to screen viewing.
corner blockstriangular pieces of wood used to reinforce drawers so they last longer and
english dovetailtype of drawer construction which usually signifies a better construction.
burl veneerveneers with a decorative irregular mottled pattern. made from the natural knots
adherenda body that is held to another body by an adhesive.
adhesive jointthe location at which two adherends are held together with a layer of adhesive.
advanced (typical) decaythe older stage of decay in which the destruction is readily recognized because the wood has become punky, soft and spongy, stringy, ringshaked, pitted, or crumbly
allowable propertythe value of a property normally published for design use
balanced constructiona construction such that the forces induced by uniformly distributed changes in moisture content
bastard sawnlumber (primarily hardwoods) in which the annual rings make angles of 30° to 60° with the surface of the piece.
breaking radiusthe limiting radius of curvature to which wood or plywood can be bent without breaking.
brown rotin wood, any decay in which the attack concentrates
brown staina rich brown to deep chocolate‑brown discoloration of the sapwood of some pines caused by a fungus that acts much like the blue‑stain fungi.
cellulosic fiberboarda generic term for a low-‑density panel made from lignocellulosic fibers characterized by an integral bond produced by interfelting of the fibers, to which other materials may have been added during manufacture
chipboarda paperboard used for many purposes that may or may not have specifications for strength, color, or other characteristics
construction adhesiveany adhesive used to assemble primary building
contact adhesivean adhesive that is apparently dry to the touch and that will adhere to itself instantaneously upon contact; also called contact bond adhesive or dry bond adhesive.
delignificationremoval of part or all of the lignin from wood by chemical treatment.
factory and shop lumberlumber intended to be cut up for use in further manufacture
fiberboarda generic term inclusive of panel products of various densities manufactured of refined or partially refined wood (or other lignocellulosic) fibers
flame retardanta treatment, coating, or chemicals that when applied to wood products delays ignition and reduces the flame spread of the product.
gelatinous fibersmodified fibers that are associated with tension wood in hardwoods.
glue laminatingproduction of structural or nonstructural wood members by bonding two or more layers of wood together
heart rotany rot characteristically confined to the heartwood
honeycomb corea sandwich core material constructed of thin sheet materials or ribbons formed to honeycomb-‑like configurations.
kiln drieddried in a kiln with the use of artificial heat.
loose knota knot that is not held firmly in place by growth or position and that cannot be relied upon to remain
matched lumberlumber that is edge dressed and shaped to make a close tongued‑and‑grooved joint at the edges or ends when laid edge to edge or end to end.
phloemthe tissues of the inner bark, characterized by the presence of sieve tubes and serving for the transport of elaborate foodstuffs.
pin knota knot that is not more than 12 mm (1/2 in.) in diameter.
pitch pocketan opening extending parallel to the annual growth rings and containing, or that has contained, pitch, either solid or liquid.
plasticizing woodsoftening wood by hot water, steam, or chemical treatment to increase its moldability.
pressure processany process of treating wood in a closed container whereby the preservative or fire retardant is forced into the wood under pressures greater than one atmosphere
ring failurea separation of the wood during seasoning, occurring along the grain and parallel to the growth rings
sap staina discoloration of the sapwood caused by the growth of certain fungi on the surface and in the interior of the wood; made possible by the same conditions that favor the growth of other fungi.
sawn veneerveneer produced by sawing.
shavinga small wood particle of indefinite dimensions developed incidental to certain woodworking operations involving rotary cutterheads usually turning in the direction
slack cooperagecooperage used as containers for dry, semidry, or solid products
solvent adhesivean adhesive having a volatile organic
starved jointa glue joint that is poorly bonded because
static bendingbending under a constant or slowly applied load; flexure.
structural lumberlumber that is intended for use where allowable properties are required
sunken jointdepression in wood surface at a joint (usually an edge joint) caused by surfacing material too soon after bonding
thermosettinghaving the property of undergoing a chemical
tight cooperagecooperage used as containers for liquids, semisolids, or heavy solids
tylosesmasses of parenchyma cells appearing somewhat like froth in the pores of some hardwoods, notably the white oaks and black locust
wood woollong, curly, slender strands of wood used as an aggregate component for some particleboards and cement-‑bonded composites
yard lumbera little‑used term for lumber of all sizes and patterns that is intended for general building purposes
cut cabinet locka cupboard or drawer lock, the flange of which is recessed into the edge of the drawer or door.
cabinet locka generic term to include all locks of any type for use on pieces of furniture, such as cupboards, drawers, chests, boxes and the like.
morticea hole cut into the thickness of one edge of a door to receive a mortice lock or latch.
locking latcha latch with a bevelled springbolt or roller bolt which is capable of being locked or secured, usually by key.
lockseta lock complete with necessary furniture including a spindle, ready for fixing to the door.
deadlatcha nightlatch or latch, the springbolt of which can be locked (or deadlocked) by key or other means.
lever handlea piece of lock or latch furniture, usually on a rose or plate, for use as an alternative to a knob for operating the springbolt of a lock or latch. all british lever handles are spring-loaded to ensure the return to horizontal after use, but continental
birmingham bara steel bar fitted to the inside face of a door frame on the hinge side. blank (key) or key blank a partly made key, which has been shaped to enter the keyhole of a certain type of lock or latch, but of which the blade has not been finally notched to operate any individual lock.
sash lockan upright mortice lock, consisting of a latch bolt and a key operated bolt.
the master locksmithsassociation has created the following glossary of lock terminology to assist you with your security requirements. don’t forget that your first port of call for security advice should be a mla licensed locksmith. details of your nearest one can be found at www.locksmiths.co.uk
wardsfixed obstructions inside a lock case to preclude the use of wrong key, as the key is cut to pass over the wards and operate the lock. they are sometimes used in lever locks to give increased differs. wards alone give very little security. see “skeleton key”.
springboltsometimes called the latchbolt. a bolt having the outer edge shaped by bevelling of the vertical face. it is a bolt which may be pushed back into the lock-case and will return to the extended position without mechanical assistance. staple 1. a box-like fitting on the jamb of an inward opening door, and into which the bolt or bolts of a rim latch or lock shoot when door is closed. (it is sometimes referred to
striking platesometimes referred to as a “striker”. it is a shaped flat metal plate fixed to the door frame or jamb with one or more bolt holes into which the bolt or bolts shoot. there is a shaped projecting lip on one side to guide the springbolt. it is used with all mortice locks or latches, and with rim locks or latches with reversed springbolt on an outward opening door. suite (of locks) a group or collection of locks and/or locking latches and padlocks of different types and changes incorporated together under a master key or grand master key.
sliding grillessteel sliding grille gates in single or double leaf, running on top and bottom guide tracks, locked by padlock or integral lock.
barrel boltthe common kind of door bolt having a round shoot running in a long continuous guide or strap attached by the backplate, the shoot being provided with a knob or the equivalent for operation by hand.
centresthe vertical measurement in an upright or sash lock between the centre of the keyhole and the centre of the follower hole.