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Глоссарий терминов по видеокамерам

a/d converter
    A device that converts analog information (a photograph or video frame) into a series of numbers that a computer can store and manipulate. all digicams use an a/d converter, the higher the bit rat...
aa filter
  1. Most digital slr cameras employ a low pass filter (lpf) or anti-aliasing (aa) filter in front of the imager to help eliminate color aliasing (moire) problems.

  2. – most digital slr’s h...
ac power
  1. Running your digicam off the wall outlet power rather than by battery power. usually means purchasing optional ac power adapter.

  2. – alternating current which is used to operate your ...
add-on lens
  1. Some lenses have filter threads on the front edge that allow you to mount an auxiliary wide angle or telephoto lens in addition to the standard lens.

  2. – some point and shoot digicams...
ae (auto exposure)
    Combined use of agc and iris motor control allows shooting in a broad range of lighting conditions. agc amplifies the video signal in low light conditions, iris reduces it in high light conditions...
ae lock
  1. The ability to hold the current exposure settings and allow you to point the camera elsewhere before capturing the image. this is usually accomplished by halfpressing the shutter button and ke...
af (autofocus)
    Available in cameras equipped with motorized focus, this feature provides automatic adjustment of the focus. af operates by varying the focus to maximize the high frequency content of the central ...
and vibrantly
    I.e. the xxxxx printer has a wide color gamut.
aperture priority ae
  1. Exposure is calculated based on the aperture value chosen by the photographer. this allows for depth of field (dof: range of focus) control large aperture = shallow dof and a small aperture = ...
    Misinterpreted information from a jpeg or compressed image. color faults or line faults that visibly impact the image negatively.
asynchronous transmission mode
    Ieee 1394 data transmission mode without a guaranteed data delivery time. used in ieee 1394 cameras for control functions and reports.
atw (auto tracking white balance)
    In atw mode, white balance is continuously being adjusted according to the color temperature of the scene illumination.
back lit
  1. The subject is heavily lit from behind which generally causes it to be underexposed unless you use critical spot metering.

  2. Meaning the subject is lit from behind which can cause und...
  1. The illumination for a color lcd display. early color lcd used high voltage fluorescent lamps, newer lcds now use white leds which are much more energy efficient.

  2. The illumination f...
bayonet mount
    Type of camera mount in which there is 38 mm or 48 mm clearance between the lens rear mounting surface and the camera’s ccd.
black stretch / black compress control
    A function of digital signal processing technology that enables the contrast of the black area of an image to be variable adjusted. the black stretch function emphasizes contrast in the dark areas...
blue tooth
    The new wireless standard for connecting cameras, pdas, laptops, computers and cell phones. uses very high frequency radio waves. devices when in-range (less than 30 feet) of each other easily est...
  1. Means a photo print with no border around it. old term for this was fullbleed printing.

  2. Quite simply, this means a printed photograph with no border around it.
  1. See exposure

  2. Photographers shooting tricky jobs may make safety exposures above and below the "right" one, generally at 1/2- or 2/3-stop intervals.

  3. Bracketing i...
bulb - this is a long time exposure setting
    Bulb this is a long time exposure setting shutter stays open for as long as you keep the shutter release button held down. time exposure mode. similar to bulb mode, only the photographer presses t...
burst mode
  1. The ability to rapidly capture images as long as the shutter button is held down.also called continuous frame capture.

  2. Also know as continuous mode or “auto wind” on older slr’s. ho...
ccd iris
    Special operating mode of the electronic shutter of a ccd camera. the shutter timing is automatically adjusted to maintain the same video output level, irrespective of the scene illumination. can ...
ccu (camera control unit)
    The ccu provides a means of controlling a remote camera. so that the remote camera can be as small and light as possible, the ccu also includes all electronic circuits that do not have to be fitte...
cd - compactdisc
    Cd compactdisc read only storage media capable of holding 650mb of digital data.
  1. A term used to describe an auto exposure system that uses the center portion of the image to adjust the overall exposure value. see also spot metering and matrix metering

  2. In a meter...
chu (camera head unit)
    In a remote head camera system, the chu is a small unit that only includes the sensor, its optical interface, the cable coupling to a ccu and the minimum amount of electronic circuitry.
  1. Camera image file format, an agreed method of digicam image storage used by many camera makers.

  2. Camera image file format. this is an agreed type of image storage used by many camera...
cmos - complementary metal oxide semiconductor
    Cmos complementary metal oxide semiconductor another imaging system used by digicams. it is not as popular as ccd but the future promises us even better digicams based on cmos sensors due to the l...
color balance
  1. The accuracy with which the colors captured in the image match the original scene.

  2. The color balance of a film refers to the kind of light under which it will faithfully render colo...
color copier
    Color printing device using electrostatic and cmyk pigments.
color correction
    The process of correcting or enhancing the color of an image.
color depth
  1. Digital images can approximate color realism, but how they do so is referred to as color depth, pixel-depth, or bit depth. modern computer displays use 24bit true color. it`s called this becau...
    The most common type of digicam flash memory storage. it is removable, small and available in sizes from 4mb up to 1gb. cf type i the original 3.3mm high card cf type ii cards and devices that are...
continuous autofocus
  1. (continuous-af) the autofocus system is full-time and works even before the shutter release is pressed.

  2. As it says. the auto focus system is continuously working on focussing on the...
  1. The raw ccd file format used by canon digicams. abbreviated from canonraw.

  2. The raw ccd file format used by canon digital cameras. comes from canon raw.
dark frame
  1. A noise reduction process whereby a camera takes a second exposure of a black frame after the camera takes a long exposure (1/2-second or longer) image. the image noise is easily identified in...
dedicated flash
  1. Describes an electronic flash that is made to be used only with a specific model of camera. canon, nikon, olympus and other cameras have specific electrical contacts in the hot shoe to pass tt...
diffusion dithering
    A method of dithering that randomly distributes pixels instead of using a set pattern.
digital film
  1. Term used to describe solid state flash memory cards.

  2. Quite simply that. solid state flash memory cards in place of emulsion film.
digital zoom
  1. A digital magnification of the center 50% of an image. digital zooms by nature generate less than sharp images because the new zoomed image has been interpolated.

  2. Unlike an optical ...
  1. The process of converting analog information into digital format for use by a computer.

  2. Оцифровка
digitalización; оцифровка;
diopter adjustment
    Adjusts the optical viewfinder`s magnification factor to suit the eyesight of the user. look for a knob or dial next to or beneath the viewfinder`s eyepiece. not all cameras have this feature.
    Means immediate in japanese. ccd sensor shuttering technology for asynchronous shooting of fast moving objects without a time delay.
  1. Digital print order format. allows you to embed printing information on your memory card. select the pictures to be printed and how many prints to make. some photo printers with card slots wil...
dram buffer
  1. All digicams have a certain amount of fixed memory in them to facilitate image processing before the finished picture is stored to the flash memory card. cameras that have a burst mode have mu...
dsp (digital signal processing)
    Inside a camera, sensor signals must be processed in several steps before they can be displayed / transmitted. typical processing steps are amplification, gamma correction, black level correction,...
dye sub
  1. Limation is a printing process where the color dyes are thermally transferred to the printing media. dye sub printers use the cmyk (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) color format and have either t...
dynalatitude process
    A unique feature function available when using digital signal processing (dsp) technology. it manages the contrast of each pixel according to a histogram of video signal level distribution in orde...
    Enhanced asynchronous shutter. available with external and internal synchronization modes. the camera ccd starts to accumulate electrons on receipt of an external trigger pulse. shutter speed is s...
e-donpisha - ii
    Asynchronous shutter mode. available in external sync mode only. timing of accumulation and shutter speed are controlled by the external trigger signal. shutter speed is controlled by the width of...