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Berliner weisse

Beer Glossary
    A classic berlin brew, a white, top-fermenting wheat beer that has gone through lactic fermentation to produce a sparkling high carbonation, and a low alcohol content of (around 3% by volume) and a characteristic sour flavor.

Berlin, английский
    Г. берлин (столица фрг)

Berlin air safety center, английский
    Берлинский центр обеспечения безопасности полетов

Berliner ensemble, английский

Berliner verkehrs gesellschaft, английский

Berliner. palladian dormer a dormer having a window, divided in three parts, that is suggestive of, английский

Berlinite, английский
    Aluminum phosphate

Weissenbach, английский

Fermentation, английский
  1. Брожение

  2. Брожение (анаэробный микробиологический процесс распада органических веществ, при котором микробы получают необходимую энергию без участия кислорода в

  3. A process where carbohydrates are broken down ferric 144 by enzymes from yeast and produce alcohol. also called zymosis

Carbonation, английский
    The reaction between carbon dioxide and calcium compounds, esp. in cement paste, mortar, or concrete, to produce calcium carbonate.

Characteristic, английский
  1. Property that helps to distinguish between items of a given population (3)

  2. A quality which allows something to be recognised as different  cancer destroys the cell’s characteristics.  adjective being a typical or distinguishing quality  symptoms characteristic of anaemia  the inflammation is characteristic of shingles.

  3. N характеристика (см. тж. portrayal) articulatory ~ артикуляторная характеристика perceptual ~ перцептивная характеристика, характеристика восприятия

BiÈre blanch, английский
    French for wheat beer, the same as a belgian witbier. see weisse.

Belgian beer, английский
    Belgian beer styles include dubbel, enkel, flanders red ale, lambic, oud bruin, saison, tripel and witbier.