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Professional Translation in the Field of Electrical Engineering and Microelectronics

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Job coach

Глоссарий по правам человека (словарь иммигранта)
    Наставник в работе

Наставник в работе, русский
    Job coach

Coach, английский
  1. Тренер

  2. The cabin or compartment just ahead of the great cabin in a sailing man-o-war. used by the flag-captain when carrying an admiral.

Coach bolt, английский

Coach house., английский

Coach house. shear 1. a deformation (e.g., in a beam or flexural member) in which parallel planes slide relative to each other so as to remain parallel. 2.to cut a metal with a pair of moving blades or with one moving blade and one fixed edge. 3., английский

Coach roof, английский
  1. Крыша (вагона)

  2. Крыша рубки

Coach screw, английский
    Similar to a wood screw except larger and with a hexagonal head so that it can be turned with a spanner.

Coach, or couch, английский
    A sort of chamber or apartment in a large ship of war, just before the great cabin. the floor of it is formed by the aftmost part of the quarter-deck, and the roof of it by the poop: it is generally the habitation of the flag-captain.

Coaching/guidance, английский

Coachman, английский

Coachroof, английский
    Kрыша рубки

Job, английский
  1. Работа (в мкп); операция (в спу) см. activity

  2. Trabajo, empleo

  3. A stipulated work.

Job, английский

Job analysis, английский
    Анализ работ

Job area, английский

Job breakdown, английский
    Поэлементная запись работ

Job captain, английский
  1. A member of the architect’s staff normally responsible, on a given project, for the preparation of drawings and their coordination with other documents.

  2. One who gets a temporary appointment to a ship, whose regular commander is a member of parliament, &c.

Job control language, английский
    Язык управления заданиями

Job corps, английский

Job description, английский

Job design, английский

Наставник в работе, русский
    Job coach

Наследник, оствашийся в живых, русский