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Cream ale

Beer Glossary
    An american term for a very pale ale. usually it is a golden ale that may have been blended with a lager.

Ale, английский
  1. The english language term for a beer made with top-fermenting yeast, which generally gives the beer a fruitiness. ales are produced in a wide variety of colors, palates and strengths: bitter, brown ale, india pale ale, light ale, et al. the state liquor a

  2. Atomic layer epitaxy

  3. Adjacent-level error

Ale house, английский
    In an early british or american community: a village tavern licensed to sell alcoholic beverages. alette 1. a minor wing of a building. 2. a door jamb. 3. a rear pilaster, partially visible within a cluster of columnar elements. 4. the wing of the pier on both sides of an engaged column. aligning punch 25

Ale-house, английский

Alea, латинский

Alea, английский
    Air line employees association

Alea [ae, f], латинский

Alea, ae, f, латинский

Aleam, латинский

Aleam ludere, латинский

Aleander, английский

Aleatorium, английский
    In ancient roman architecture, a room in which dice games were played.

Aleatory filming, английский

Alecsandri, английский

Alee, английский
  1. Away from the direction of the wind. opposite of windward.

  2. 1. on the lee side of a ship.

  3. [1] downwind. [2] position of the helm when turning to leeward.

Alee, английский
    Away from the direction of the wind.

Alefra, русский
    Кодовое слово, используемое для обозначения стадии тревоги /22/

Alegacion, испанский
    Una declaracion que ha sido hecha y no comprobada a ser cierta o falsa

Alegado, испанский
    Dicho a ser veridico como descripto, una persona que ha sido acusada, pero no ha sido juzgado en corte

Alegar, испанский
    Decir, declarar o alegar que algo es tregua aunque no ha sido comprobado

Alegato, escrito, испанский

Alegatos, испанский
    Las declaraciones escritas archivadas con el tribunal que describen los reclamos legales de una parte o basados en hechos sobre el caso y sobre de lo que la parte pide al tribunal

Dessert beer, английский
    Fruit-flavored and chocolate-flavored beers are often enjoyed with dessert. chocolate beer and stout are growing in popularity. see chocolate beer.

Chocolate stout, английский
    Chocolate stout is a sub-category that uses different malts for an even more pronounced chocolate flavor. these days, some brewers add actual chocolate into the brew, or brew over cacao beans, or both.