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IP Glossary

asterisk appliancea stand-alone embedded asterisk based pbx
call managera system which organizes the shared lines for incoming and outgoing telephone calls.
channel banka device that performs multiplexing or demultiplexing of a group of communications channels into one channel of higher bandwidth or higher digital bit rate.
cyber-attackwhen referencing ip-pbx, refers to unauthorized use of the ip phone network, typically for purposes of toll fraud.
dahdidigium asterisk hardware device interface. see zaptel
digiumthe creator and primary developer of asterisk, the industry`s first open source telephony platform. asterisk is the basis for all xorcom products.
elasticscommon misspelling for elastix.
elastixan appliance software that integrates tools available for asterisk based pbxs into a single interface.
elastix appliancesee elastix above.
embedded asteriskplatforms created with asterisk built in.
epabxelectronic private automatic branch exchange. see pbx
fxo cardcard with an fxo interface.
fxs cardcard with an fxs interface.
high availabilitya characteristic of a system, in this case ip-pbx, which describes the duration (length of time) for which the system is operational. high availability is specifically desirable in businesses which de...
pci cardthe peripheral component interconnect (pci) is used to attach peripheral devices to a computer motherboard.
soft phonea software program used for making telephone calls over the internet via computer. the program is designed to function like a traditional phone.
bri isdnisdn with bri ports.
bri channel banka channel bank with bri ports.
audiocodesmanufacturer of voip (voice over ip) technologies and products.
asterisk boardsasterisk compatible telephony boards
asterisk briasterisk system compatible with bri
asterisk cardstelephony cards used to integrate existing analogue telephone handsets and analogue lines into the asterisk pbx.
asterisk distributionmethod to access asterisk products.
asterisk fxoasterisk compatible foreign exchange office.
asterisk fxsasterisk compatible foreign exchange services.
asterisk hardwarecomputer components designed for use with asterisk
asterisk ip-pbxan open source communications platform based on ip (internet protocol) pbx (private branch exchange) as a business telephone system.
asterisk isdnasterisk compatible integrated services digital network (isdn). this telephone system network integrates speech and data on the same lines while adding features that were not available in the classic ...
asterisk pbxan open source communications platform based on pbx (private branch exchange) as a business telephone system.
asterisk serverasterisk`s platform upon which equipment providers can build a network infrastructure. the server supports a mix of traditional and voip telephony services, enabling new telephone systems to be build,...
asterisk solutionsproducts and services designed for use with asterisk.
asterisk systemsee asterisk
asterisk telephonysee asterisk
asterisk voipopen source telephony platform and tool kit with voice over internet protocol (voip) capabilities.
astribanka usb channel bank especially designed for asterisk open source pbx systems.
zaptelan open computer telephony hardware driver api. the name has recently been changed to dahdi.