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Cavi tympani

Медицинский глоссарий (артерии)

    Артерия барабанной полости, русский

    Caviar, английский

    Caviar brine in soft-roe capsule, английский

    Caviar(e), английский

    Caviare, английский
      A preparation of the roe of sturgeons and other fish salted. it forms a lucrative branch of commerce in italy and russia.

    Caviarmuster, немецкий
      Gestochen scharfes kleinmuster

    Cavidad nasal, hoyo de la nariz, испанский

    Cavidad oral, испанский

    Cavidad, picada, испанский

    Caviglia, итальянский

    Cavil, английский
      A large cleat for belaying the fore and main tacks, sheets, and braces to. (see kevels.)

    Cavillari, латинский

    Cavillari, or, atus sum, латинский

    Cavillator [oris, m], латинский

    Cavitas, латинский

    Cavitas , atis, f, латинский

    Cavitas [atis, f], латинский

    Cavitation, английский
    1. Кавитация - явление, возникающее на плавнике на очень большой скорости (срыв потока), за чем неизбежен спин-аут (spin out)

    2. Formation of an air or vapor pocket (or bubble) due to lowering of pressure in a liquid, often as a result of a solid body, such as a propeller or piston, moving through the liquid; also, the pitting or wearing away of a solid surface as a result of the violent collapse of a vapor bubble. cavitation can occur in a hydraulic system as a result of low fluid levels that draw air into the fluid, producing tiny bubbles that expand followed by rapid implosion, causing metal erosion and eventual pump destruction.

    3. Кавитация

    4. Кавитация, образование пустот

    5. A phenomenon in the flow of water consisting in the formation and the collapse of cavities in water.

    6. The forming of a cavity

    7. The formation and collapse of air bubbles created by a ship’s propeller. this reduces effective thrust, creates noise detectible by an enemy, and may cause structural damage.

    Cavitation damage, английский
      The pitting of concrete caused by implosion (collapse) of bubbles in flowing water.

    Cavitation erosion, английский
      A material-damaging process which occurs as a result of vaporous cavitation. "cavitation" refers to the occurrence or formation of gas- or vapor- filled pockets in flowing liquids due to the hydrodynamic generation of low pressure (below atmospheric pressure). this damage results from the hammering action when cavitation bubbles implode in the flow stream. ultra-high pressures caused by the collapse of the vapor bubbles produce deformation, material failure and, finally, erosion of the surfaces.

    Cavitation flow, английский

    Артерия барабанной полости, русский

    Артерия (семенного) канатика, русский