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Magnification ratio

    The ratio between the focal length of a lens and the focal length of a standard angle lens. indicates the magnification of the image when compared to an image from a standard angle lens.

Magnificat, английский

Magnification, английский
  1. The ratio of image to object size in an optical system. may be real (linear) or apparent (angular). milliradian (mrad)1/1000th of a radian, or 0.0573 degrees; the angle whose tangent is 0.001.

  2. The increase in the apparent or perceived size or subtended angle of an image in relation to actual size of object.

Magnification adjusting, английский
    Регулировка увеличения

Ratio, английский
  1. Rapport;coefficient;quantité

  2. (отношение, коэффициент) значение, полученное при делении одной величины на другую;

  3. (со) отношение, пропорция; степень; коэффициент

  4. (со) отношение; коэффициент

  5. Radiotelescope in orbit

  6. A number which shows a proportion or which is the result of one number divided by another  an iq is the ratio rattle 342 of the person’s mental age to his or her chronological age.

  7. N отношение derivation ~ отношение словообразования linguistic ~ лингвистическое отношение

  8. Отношение; пропорция reaching every district (red)

  9. Отношение; пропорция

  10. Отношение

Ratio, английский

Ratio, английский

Ratio, английский

Ratio, латинский
    (лат.) — разум, рассудок, основа; ratio cognoscendi — основа познания; ratio essendi — основа бытия.

Ratio (idr), английский

Ratio analysis, английский
    Анализ коэффициентов

Ratio changing cam, английский

Ratio chart, английский
    Коэффициентная номограмма

Ratio cognoscendi, латинский

Ratio control, английский
    Регулирование соотношения

Ratio decendi, английский
    The ground or reason of the decision in a case

Ratio essendi, латинский

Ratio estimation, английский

Ratio estimator, английский
    Оценка в виде отношения

Ratio legis, латинский
    Der sinn des gesetzes. bei der auslegung von gesetzen ist nicht allein am wortlaut zu haften, sondern u.a. auch der sinn der vorschrift zu erforschen.

Ratio of compression, английский

Manual iris, английский
  1. Type of lens that requires manual focusing.

  2. A manual method of varying the size of a lens’s aperture.

Lux, английский
  1. Unit of illumination. 1 lux = the amount of uniform light falling onto a surface of 1sq metre. measured in lumens per square metre.

  2. Unit of light illuminance used as a measure of low-light recording capacity in security cameras. cameras with a lux rating of 0.2 lux or less would be considered low-light cameras. it is not possible to get good color definition in low light levels, so in general low light cameras are always black and white. day/night cameras use electronics to switch from color during the daytime, to black/white during night or low light conditions. many low light cameras also use infrared, which is useful in zero light conditions. the lower the lux rating of a camera, the better it will see in low light.

  3. International system (sl) unit of illumination in which the meter is the unit of length. one lux equals one lumen per square meter.

  4. The international system unit (see si) of measurement of the intensity of light. it is equal to the illumination of a surface one meter away from a single candle.

  5. Unit of n equal to 1 lumen per square meter or approximately 0.1 candle power. glossary/52 m

  6. The metric unit (lumens per square metre) for the measure of luminous flux (also see

  7. A unit of measure of incident light. the video and european version of foot candles. conversion formula: fc x 10.8 = lux.

  8. The si unit of illuminance equal to the illumination on a surface, all points of which are at a distance of 1 meter from a uniform point source of 1 candela; 1 lux is equal to 1 lumen per square meter (1 lm/m2). lwc abbr. for lightweight concrete.

  9. Люкс (единица освещенности)

  10. Люкс; лк (единица измерения освещенности)