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Float loss/prof it

Глоссарий терминов рынка Форекс
    Плавающая прибыль или убыток, которые возни¬кают при открытой позиции. когда позиция закрывается, то плаваю¬щая прибыль или убыток фиксируются.

Float, английский
  1. `поплавок

  2. [1] to remain on the surface of a liquid. [2] a buoyant platform attached to a wharf or bank as a landing stage. [3] any floating device. [4] a hollow structure fixed underneath a boat or aircraft to keep it from sinking. [5] the blade or bunket of a paddle wheel.

Float, английский

Float, английский

Float angle, английский

Float ball, английский
    A floating device connected to the ballcock inside the toilet tank to activate or shut off the ballcock.

Float check, английский
    A type of check valve; as water flows into a atmospheric-type vacuum breaker, flexible seamless tubing

Float coat, английский
    Jacket worn by the flight deck personnel of an aircraft carrier. should a wearer be blown overboard during flight operations, the coat will inflate automatically when it hits salt water. the garment is color-coded to identify the crewmember’s job. also flotation jacket.

Float finish, английский
    A rather rough concrete or mortar surface texture obtained by finishing with a float; rougher than a trowel finish. float glass 1. a glass plate, formed by pouring molten glass continuously from an oven onto a shallow bath of molten tin on which it floats, thus spreading out and producing level parallel surfaces on both sides of the glass. the surfaces of the glass make no contact with rollers or other surfaces until the molten glass has solidified. 2.

Float material, английский

Float mounted surface aerator, английский

Float order printout, английский
    Табуляграмма резервов времени

Float order sorting, английский
    Сортировка по резерву времени (расположение выходных данных до резерву времени)

Float out, английский

Float scaffold, английский
    A scaffold hung from overhead supports by ropes and consisting of a substantial platform having diagonal bracing underneath, resting upon and securely fastened to two parallel plank bearers at right angles to the span.

Float scaffold., английский

Float skimming dev i ce, английский

Float soli ds, английский

Float switch, английский
    An electric switch which is actuated automatically when a float on the surface of a liquid reaches a preset level. float trap 419 concrete floating floor construction of fiberglass insulation board float switch in a water tank float

Float test (n); float testing, английский
    Disposal of an unnecessary, unwanted, or known to be non-functioning item. derived from placing something in water to see if it floats--in most cases it will not and will sink out of sight. example get rid of this. go float-test it or something.

Float time, английский
  1. Резерв времени (термин мкп; количество времени, на которое можно отложидь выполнение работы) см. slack time

  2. Резервное время см. slack time 2-11619 17

Cycle (price), английский
    Повторение конфигурации движения цен через ка¬кие-то промежутки времени.

Refinancing rate, английский
    Пересмотренная процентная ставка по задолжен¬ности, которая не может быть погашена в установленном порядке.