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Career management

Глоссарий по кадрам и персоналу (английский-турецкий)

    Kariyer yönetimi, турецкий
      Insan kaynakları planları ile sistemin bütünleştirilmesi, kariyer yollarının belirlenmesi, kariyer bilgisinin artırılması için açık i&

    Care, английский
    1. Continuous aircraft reliability evaluation

    2. A method which guides nurses to evaluate their activity in terms of efficiency of cost, time, use of skill level and workload

    3. Highly specialised treatment given in a health care centre, often using very advanced technology. compare primary care, secondary care

    4. Система автоматизации инженерных работ повторяющегося характера

    Care, латинский

    Care and maintenance, английский
      Уход и обслуживание

    Care and welfare, английский
      Уход и благосостояние

    Care of, английский

    Care pathway, английский
      The entire process of diagnosis, treatment and care that a patient goes through

    Care plan, английский
      A plan drawn up by the nursing staff for the treatment of an individual patient ‘…all relevant sections of the nurses’ care plan and nursing process had been left blank’ [nursing times]

    Care taker, английский

    Careen, английский
      To heel a ship so that one side of its hull can be cleaned, maintained, or repaired in the absence of a dry dock. derived from the latin for keel = carina (cf. grave).

    Careen, to, английский
      A ship is said to careen when she inclines to one side, or lies over when sailing on a wind; off her keel or carina.

    Careening, английский
    1. Tilting a ship on its side, usually when beached, to clean or repair the hull below the water line. also known as to "heave down".

    2. The operation of heaving the ship down on one side, by arranging the ballast, or the application of a strong purchase to her masts, which require to be expressly supported for the occasion to prevent their springing; by these means one side of the bottom, elevated above the surface of the water, may be cleansed or repaired. ( see breaming.) but this operation is now nearly superseded by sheathing ships with copper, whereby they keep a clean bottom for several years.

    Careening beach, английский
      A part of the strand prepared for the purpose of a ship`s being grounded on a list or careen, to repair defects.

    Career, английский

    Career and technical education, английский

    Career awareness, английский

    Career development, английский

    Career development system, английский

    Career paths internship, английский

    Career planning, английский

    Career tracking, английский
      In most navies, surface warfare officers follow career specialties until they reach flag rank, the three main areas of expertise being deck (seamanship and navigation), engineering, and weaponry. officers on each track are expected to acquire broad understanding of the other two, but to concentrate on mastering the increasingly complex details of their specialty. one of the major exceptions is the united states navy, which expects all its line officers to be trained in and rotate through each of these functions. this tends to produce very capable and well-rounded generalists, but fewer experts in any one field of endeavor— this is especially true of shiphandling, where some destroyer and cruiser captains lack the experience and confidence to dock these maneuverable vessels under their own power and engage tugboats and pilots even to enter easy berths on calm days.

    Kariyer yönetimi, турецкий
      Insan kaynakları planları ile sistemin bütünleştirilmesi, kariyer yollarının belirlenmesi, kariyer bilgisinin artırılması için açık i&

    Kariyer planlama, турецкий
      Kişinin bilgi, beceri, ilgi, değer yargıları ve güçlü ve güçsüz yönlerini değerlendirmesi, organizasyon içi ve dış&#