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10 октября, 2018

Free Translation for a link

02 февраля, 2018

“Professional translation” means...

26 января, 2018

Professional Translation in the Field of Electrical Engineering and Microelectronics

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Глоссарий по соли
    Polders are shallow clay pools that are created to harvest fine quality atlantic sea salt. paludiers, sea salt farmers, are still today hand harvesting the mineral rich salt that collects in the shallow clay pools. currently, only 3,000 polders on isle de

Польдер, русский

Harvesting, английский
    Removing merchantable trees (contrasts with cuttings, which remove immature trees) (17).

Popcorn salt, английский
    A very fine-grained salt that sticks better to popcorn and other foods such as french fries. popcorn salt is available as a white salt or in a variety of flavors, some with butter flavoring included. if you are using unflavored popcorn salt, you can grind

Pink himalayan salt, английский
    Pink himalayan salt is mined from deep inside the himalayan mountains in tibet, where the was deposited when the sea covered the area more than 250 million years ago. often the salt is brought down from the mountains on the backs of yaks. it is available