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Kala namak

Глоссарий по соли
    Also known as black salt or sanchal, an unrefined volcanic table salt with a strong sulfuric flavor. despite its name, kala namak, which is mined in central india, is actually light pink in color. it is mineral-rich and most often used to flavor indian di

Kala, финский

Kala ja liivate agar, финский

Kala myrkky, финский

Kalahari, английский

Kalamazoo, английский
    Г. каламазу (шт. мичиган, сша)

Kalamein door, английский
    A door of composite construction, usually having a wood core and clad with galvanized sheet metal, sometimes with panels of sheetrock or asbestos.

Kalamein fire door, английский

Kalamyrkky, финский

Kalandern, немецкий
    Ausrüstungsverfahren für gewebe und maschenwaren, durch walzendruck wird die stoffoberfläche glatt und glänzend gepreßt

Kalap, венгерский

Kalas, шведский

Korean bamboo salt, английский
    Sea salt that has been roasted in bamboo cylinders plugged with yellow clay. the the salt absorbs minerals from the bamboo and clay, which in turn leach the salt of impurities: the result is an intensely salty flavor. it is used in dishes such as kimchi a

Italian sea salt, английский
    See fior di sale.