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Глоссарий по соли
    Table salt that has been fortified with a small amount of iodine during processing. the michigan state medical society launched a goiter prevention program using iodized salt in 1924. the project was the result of research on endemic goiter and iodine def

Processing, английский
  1. Обработка (напр. данных); технология

  2. N обработка cognitive ~ когнитивная обработка language ~ когн.

Prevention, английский
  1. Actions that reduce exposure or other risks, keep people from getting sick, or keep disease from getting worse.

  2. Action to stop something happening

  3. Предупреждение

  4. Профилактика; предотвращение комплекс санитарно-гигиенических, лечебно-профилактических и административных мероприятий, направленных на предупреждение возникновения инфекционных (паразитарных) болезней. -

Italian sea salt, английский
    See fior di sale.

Iodine, английский
  1. A chemical element found in the body’s thyroid hormones. a small amount of iodine is important for proper nutrition in helping to prevent thyroid disease and mental retardation. salt fortified with iodine has been used to prevent deficiencies. see also io

  2. Yodo/iodo

  3. A chemical element which is essential to the body, especially to the functioning of the thyroid gland (note: lack of iodine in the diet can cause goitre. the chemical symbol is i.) iol iol abbr intraocular lens