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Hand-harvested salt

Глоссарий по соли
    Artisan salt is hand-harvested in small batches all over the world. it can be evaporated in ponds or salt pans from any body of water. areas that do not have coastal land available can evaporate the salt in tanks, as shown in the photo at the left. based

Salt, английский
  1. A crystalline compound, sodium chloride, nacl, occurring as a mineral, a constituent of seawater, etc., and used for seasoning food, as a preservative, etc.

  2. A chemical compound, sodium chloride, that can be mined from the ground or harvested from the sea. today most salt is mined from large deposits that have remained from dried salt lakes. it is a commonly used flavoring used to enhance and add a distinctive

  3. Strategic arms limitation talks

  4. Salina

  5. Strategic arms limitation treaty.

  6. [1] slang term for a seaman with many years’ experience. often preceded by “old.” [2] a preservative and condiment.

Salt, английский

Salt, английский

Salt, английский

Salt, английский

Salt, английский

Salt, шведский

Salt, английский

Salt annealing, английский

Salt bath, английский

Salt content, английский

Salt disposal, английский

Salt gradient energy, английский

Salt horse, английский
    A sailor’s nickname for the corned beef, mutton, or pork which was formerly a staple of the sailor’s diet. see food in sailing ships.

Salt index, английский

Salt lake city, английский

Salt seller, английский

Salt taste, английский

Salt tolerant variety, английский

Salt water, английский
    Соленая вода

Evaporated, английский

Hawaiian black lava salt, английский
    This salt is created with purified sea water that is evaporated in pools with purified black lava rock to add minerals. it is then dried in a greenhouse.

Grinder salt, английский
    Large dry salt crystals suitable for a salt mill or grinder. their lower moisture content allows the salt to flow through. used for flavoring foods at the table when a finer, higher grade finishing salt is not required. note: unlike pepper mills, salt mil