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Grey salt

Глоссарий по соли
    Also called sel gris and celtic salt, a “moist” unrefined sea salt found along the coastal areas of france. its light grey color with purple tinge comes from the clay found in the salt flats. the salt is collected by hand using traditional celtic methods.

Grey, английский
  1. Серый

  2. Condition of a lens surface when improperly or insufficiently polished.

Grey (gray), английский

Grey (gray) cast iron, английский

Grey area measures, английский
    Ограничительные меры «серой зоны» ограничения импорта или экспорта, не регулируемые правовыми положениями гатт

Grey commissure, английский
    Part of the grey matter nearest to the central canal of the spinal cord, where axons cross over each other

Grey funnel line, английский
    It is traditional for merchant shipping companies to identify their ships by painting the funnels with the line’s distinctive color and logo. royal navy officers jokingly refer to their service as the “grey funnel line.”

Grey ice, английский

Grey level, английский
    This is the brightness level of a pixel representing it’s lightness from black to white. it is usually defined as a value from 0 to 255, with 0 being black and 255 being white.

Grey market, английский

Grey matter, английский
    Nerve tissue which is of a dark grey colour and forms part of the central nervous system comment: in the brain, grey matter encloses the white matter, but in the spinal cord, white matter encloses the grey matter. 165 gut

Grey owl, английский

Grey scale, английский
    A term used to describe an image containing shades of grey rather than colour. most commonly referred to as a black and white photograph.

Grey seo, английский
    Серое seo (смесь черного и белого seo)

Grey water, английский

Grey water / grey waste, английский

Grey water pipeline, английский

Grey-scale imaging (, английский
    Черно-белое) тоновое воспроизведение изображения (напр., идентифицируемого изделия с помощью видеосистемы)

Grey-scale imaging system, английский
    Видеосистема с воспроизведе- fnеm тонового изображения ч по яркости в цифровом виде)

Greyhound, английский
  1. Грейхаунд (порода); иногда борзая

  2. A hammock with so little bedding as to be unfit for stowing in the nettings.

Greying, английский

Traditional, английский
    A традиционный grammar

Grinder salt, английский
    Large dry salt crystals suitable for a salt mill or grinder. their lower moisture content allows the salt to flow through. used for flavoring foods at the table when a finer, higher grade finishing salt is not required. note: unlike pepper mills, salt mil

Garlic salt, английский
    A seasoned salt that is one part garlic powder and three parts regular salt, commonly used as a flavoring to make garlic butter, to season garlic toast and to flavor other foods.