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Flavored sea salts

Глоссарий по соли
  1. Or artisan salts

  2. Salts can be smoked or otherwise flavored by mixing them with spices (saffron), herbs (bay leaf, fennel, thyme), berries or other seasonings like truffles. complex blends can be found, including those that mix sea salts with regionally-themed spices and h

Fleur de sel, английский
    French for “flower of the salt.” like sel gris, it is also raked by hand from the salt ponds (“fields”) of the village of guèrande, brittany, on the coast of france. it is harvested from may to september; artisan paludiers patiently wait as the s

Flake salt, английский
    A light crystal salt reminiscent of snowflakes. seawaters are evaporated by the sun and wind producing salt brine that is slowly heated to the point where delicate pyramids shaped crystals of salt appear. the finished product is light, flaky sea salt. fla