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Coarse salt

Глоссарий по соли
  1. Gros sel or sale grosso

  2. Coarse salt is a larger-grained sea salt crystal. most recipes calling for salt imply finely ground salt; however, many professional chefs prefer cooking with coarse salt because they can easily measure it with their fingers. it is less moisture sensitive

Coarse, английский
    Грубый; большой (о шаге винта)

Coarse, английский

Coarse - timber with wide conspicuous growth rings in which there is considerable difference between earlywood and latewood. the term is sometimes used to designate wood, английский

Coarse adjustment, английский

Coarse alignment, английский

Coarse aquisition, английский

Coarse bed load, английский

Coarse coal recovery circuit, английский

Coarse contact filter, английский

Coarse feed, английский
    Черновая подача (подача при черновой обработке детали)

Coarse filter, английский
    In an air-conditioning system,

Coarse fraction, английский
    That fraction of the solid particles in a soil sample having grain sizes larger

Coarse fraction disposal, английский

Coarse granularity, английский
    Крупноячеистость; крупномодульность

Coarse groove, английский

Coarse meal, английский

Coarse overburden, английский

Coarse reading, английский

Coarse refuse, английский

Coarse sampling, английский
    Грубая дискретизация

Professional, английский

Curing salt, английский
    Salt used in curing and preserving food, a mixture of approximately 94% salt and approximately 6% sodium nitrite. it is generally dyed a pink color so that it can be easily recognized from regular salts.

Citric salt, английский
  1. Or sour salt or citric acid

  2. A salt substance derived from acidic citrus fruits, such as lemon and limes, that is dried and formed into a powder or crystal. when used as an ingredient to flavor foods, it provides a distinctively sour or tart taste. it is a common substance used in sa