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Citric salt

Глоссарий по соли
  1. Or sour salt or citric acid

  2. A salt substance derived from acidic citrus fruits, such as lemon and limes, that is dried and formed into a powder or crystal. when used as an ingredient to flavor foods, it provides a distinctively sour or tart taste. it is a common substance used in sa

Citric, английский

Citric acid, английский
    An acid found in fruit such as oranges, lemons and grapefruit

Citric acid cycle, английский
    An important series of events concerning amino acid metabolism, which takes place in the mitochondria in the cell. also called krebs cycle

Salt, английский
  1. A crystalline compound, sodium chloride, nacl, occurring as a mineral, a constituent of seawater, etc., and used for seasoning food, as a preservative, etc.

  2. A chemical compound, sodium chloride, that can be mined from the ground or harvested from the sea. today most salt is mined from large deposits that have remained from dried salt lakes. it is a commonly used flavoring used to enhance and add a distinctive

  3. Strategic arms limitation talks

  4. Salina

Salt, английский

Salt, английский

Salt, английский

Salt, английский

Salt, английский

Salt, шведский

Salt, английский

Salt annealing, английский

Salt bath, английский

Salt content, английский

Salt disposal, английский

Salt gradient energy, английский

Salt index, английский

Salt lake city, английский

Salt seller, английский

Salt taste, английский

Ingredient, английский
    A substance which is used with others to make something

Distinctive, английский
    A различительный, диф- ференциальный (ант. non-distinctive) feature, sound distinctiveness n различительная ценность (сила) common semantic ~ общая семантическая различительная ценность

Coarse salt, английский
  1. Gros sel or sale grosso

  2. Coarse salt is a larger-grained sea salt crystal. most recipes calling for salt imply finely ground salt; however, many professional chefs prefer cooking with coarse salt because they can easily measure it with their fingers. it is less moisture sensitive

Celtic salt, английский
    A grey french sea salt, hand harvested using the celtic method of wooden rakes allowing no metal to touch the salt. celtic salts are available ground in different levels of coarseness. see sel gris.