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Blended salt

Глоссарий по соли
    Salt that is mixed with other flavoring like herbs, berries or seaweed. as opposed to seasoned salt, which mixes different everyday seasonings with the salt for convenience, blended salts are more gourmet in concept.

Blend, английский
  1. Морф. n бленд; сращение4 (син. portmanteau, portmanteau word, frankenword)

  2. Смесь (смесовый состав пряжи)

Blend / to blend, английский
    Mélange (résultat) / mélanger

Blend / to blend, английский

Blende, английский

Blended bifocals, английский
    A round style bifocal type lens designed so that there is no discernable line of demarcation between the distance portion and the reading portion. the blended area is visually nonusable.

Blended cement, английский
    A mixture of portland cement and other material such as granulated blast-furnace slag, pozzolan, hydrated lime, etc., combined either during or after the finish grinding of the cement at the mill.

Blended e-learning, английский
    An integrated programme with a blend of interactive online tuition, face-to-face classroom workshops, assignments, etc.

Blended lamp, английский

Blended myo-disc, английский
    Lenses have a full field curved or plano front surface with a high minus bowl-shaped surface on the ocular side surrounded by a plano surface called a carrier.

Blended payments, английский

Blended rate, английский

Blended whisky, английский
    Смешанное виски (смесь солодового и зернового виски, спирта, пшеничного или кукурузного виски и т.п., иногда вплоть до 40 компонентов, в разных количествах)

Blender, английский
    A soft round-tipped paintbrush used for blending colors and smoothing out brush marks left by coarser brushes.

Blender tank, английский
    Смесительная емкость

Blending, английский
  1. Mélange (action)

  2. The process of mixing lubricants or components for the purpose of obtaining the desired physical and/or chemical properties (see compounding)

  3. In hot-water systems, the mixing of hot water with cold water in order to raise the cold-water temperature. blending usually takes place at the point of use.

  4. N лнгв. сращение; контами- нация (син. contamination)

Blending, английский

Blending / diverting, английский

Blending in an equilization basin, английский

Blending stockpile, английский

Blending valve, английский
    A three-way valve which permits liquid entering the valve to be mixed with liquid that recirculates through the valve; used to obtain a desired liquid temperature.

Canning salt, английский
    Pickling salt

Black sea salt, английский
    A variety of unrefined mineral salts that range from dark grey to black in color, including hawaiian volcanic sea salt (black lava salt) and cyprus black sea salt. indian black salt, or kala namak, is actually pink in color. photo of black salt, at right,