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Beer Glossary
  1. A fermented beverage made from honey, sometimes referred to as “honey wine.” plausibly humankind’s first fermented beverage, mead is also the beverage drunk by the mythological gods on mount olympus.

  2. Вдхр. мид {сша)

Microbrewery, английский
    A boutique brewery that produces fewer than 15,000 barrels annually. the american microbrewery movement began in the 1980s, fueled by the increasingly sophisticated american palate and consumer dissatisfaction with the bland beers produced by the large co

MÄrzenbier, английский
    An amber-red (auburn), smooth, mildly sweet, vienna-style lager with a malty aroma, classically, more than 5.5% alcohol by volume. it originated in bavaria where it was originally brewed in march (mär zen) and laid down in caves before the summer