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Beer Glossary
  1. Beer-making starts with the grain. barley is malted (soaked in water until it is partially germinated, then dried) which releases starches, which in turn are made into fermentable sugar. see beer-making.

  2. Солод, проросшие семена злаков семейства мятликовых

Солод, русский
    , продукт проращивания зерен злаков (ячменя, ржи, пшеницы, овса). применяется в производстве пива, кваса, спиртных напитков, дрожжей и т. д.

Malt liquor, английский
    Neither malty nor a liquor, usually a strong american lager intended for a cheap high. some states require the term malt liquor to be applied to all beers of more than 5.0 percent by volume.

Light beer, английский
    An american term indicating a watery pilsner-style beer that is lower in calories.