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Beer Glossary
    A spontaneously-fermenting style of wheat beer, unique to belgium. while most beers are distinguished by their flavors of hops and malt, lambic is an ancient style of beer that is naturally bone dry, acidic and effervescent. they are fermented differently

Spontaneous, английский
    A спонтанный speech

Distinguish, английский

Light ale, английский
    In england, light ale is the bottled counterpart of a draught bitter. in scotland, “light” applied to beer indicates the lowest gravity (density) draught beer—coincidentally usually dark in color. neither term implies a low-calorie beer.

Lager, английский
    Any beer made by bottom-fermentation. it is usually golden in color but sometimes can be dark. lager requires a longer, colder fermentation than ale (which is a top-fermenting beer), and uses a different species of yeast, that tolerates cold temperatures