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Imperial stout

Beer Glossary
    An opaque black stout that was originally brewed by thrale’s brewery in london, england for export to the court of the tsar of russia. it is very rich, with powerful malt flavors, hints of dark fruits and often, chocolate notes. the high alcohol content (

Imperial, английский

Imperial, английский

Imperial brown ale, английский
    A bigger, bolder version of a brown ale, with a higher abv—7% or more.

Imperial chemical industries, английский

Imperial ethiopian air force, английский
    Ист ввс эфиопии

Imperial gallon, английский

Imperial guards, английский

Imperial staircase, английский

Imperiale reale, английский

Imperialis, e, латинский

Imperialism, английский
  1. Where one country possesses, governs or controls other countries beyond its own borders

  2. The policy by which stronger nations extend their economic, political, or military control over weaker nations or territories.

Imperialista, ae, mf, imperiosi dominatus fautor [oris, m], латинский

Imperialistic, английский

Imperialisticus, a, um, imperii dilatandi avidus, a, um, (civitas) imperii dilatandi a, латинский

Stout, английский
    The darkest of beers, a stout is top fermented and differentiated from a regular ale by its brown-black color, chocolate-coffee flavors and fuller body. this is achieved by brewing with barley that has been dark-roasted to the point of charring (think of

Stout , английский

Originally, английский

India pale ale, английский
    In the 19th century, the british in the indian empire was supplied with ale from england, largely because the indian water was caused health problems to systems not raised on it. the original ipa was high in density and hops, to help it travel well. today

Imperial brown ale, английский
    A bigger, bolder version of a brown ale, with a higher abv—7% or more.