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Cherry kriek

Beer Glossary
    See kriek.

Cherry, английский
  1. The fruit of any of various trees belonging to the genus prunus, of the rose family, consisting of a pulpy, globular drupe enclosing a one-seeded smooth stone

  2. Same as "hanger"

  3. An even-textured, moderately highdensity

Kriek, английский
    Cherry beer, usually based on lambic, with 5% to 6% alcohol by volume.

Chocolate beer, английский
    Chocolate beer, which can be a lager, stout or other beer variety, has the subtle flavor of chocolate. this can be achieved by blending different types of roasted barley, adding real chocolate to the brew, or both. some brewers use chocolate extract, some

Cask-conditioned, английский
    Draft beer or ale that is neither filtered nor pasteurized and has a secondary fermentation and natural clarification in the cellar of the pub. this should produce a relatively clear brew with a light natural carbonation.