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Beer Glossary
    Bock is the german word for strong, referring to a strong beer brewed from barley malt. bock beer is traditionally served in autumn, late winter and spring. it was originally brewed by top fermentation in the hanseatic league town of einbeck (beck bier be

Fermentation, английский
  1. Брожение

  2. Брожение (анаэробный микробиологический процесс распада органических веществ, при котором микробы получают необходимую энергию без участия кислорода в

  3. A process where carbohydrates are broken down ferric 144 by enzymes from yeast and produce alcohol. also called zymosis

Traditional, английский
    A традиционный grammar

Bohemian beer, английский
    See bavarian beer.

Blonde bock, английский
    A medium-hopped beer with a rich, malty flavor. bock beers (see next entry) were originally brewed by monks to minimize hunger pangs during fasting periods; most bock beers are dark in color. today, brewers make them in a golden style, known as “blonde” b