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Barley wine

Beer Glossary
    An english term for an extra-strong ale, implied to be as potent as wine (beers tend to be 3% to 5% alcohol, compared to 10% to 15% for wines).

Barley, английский
    A widely distributed cereal plant belonging to the genus hordeum, of the grass family, having awned flowers that grow in tightly bunched spikes, with three small additional spikes at each node

Wine, английский
    The fermented juice of grapes, made in many varieties, such as red, white, sweet, dry, still, and sparkling, for use as a beverage, in cooking, in religious rites, etc., and usually having an alcoholic content of 14% or less

Bavarian beer, английский
    Bavarian and bohemian both describe the region the beer comes from, not a particular brewing style. although a brewer might be located in bavaria or bohemia, you’d still be ordering a weissbier, a lager, a dark ale, etc. (i.e., a particular style of beer

Auburn, английский
  1. Amber-colored beer.

  2. Г. оберн (шт. нью-йорк, сша);

  3. Г. оберн (шт. мэн, сша)