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Abbey beer

Beer Glossary
    A beer not necessarily made in an abbey, or by monks, but imitating the trappist monk style. these are top-fermenting brews that characteristically add sugar in the kettle and are always bottle-conditioned. sometimes these beers are licensed by an abbey,

Conditioned, английский
  1. Кондиционированный

  2. A обусловленный (ант. unconditioned) change phonetically ~ фонетически обусловленный structurally ~ структурно обусловленный

Characteristical, английский

Altbier, английский
    A dark amber, hoppy pale ale brewed around düsseldorf and the lower rhine region of germany. the name literally means “old beer,” and refers to the pre-lager brewing method of using a warm top-fermenting yeast (like british pale ales). the produc

A.b.v., английский
    The abbreviation for alcohol by volume, the percent of the beer that is alcohol. it is analogous to % alcohol on a wine label, or the proof of a spirit (the percent of alcohol is half the proof, e.g., 80 proof is 40% alcohol by volume). some beers, such a