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    Having less than 5 mg of sodium per serving. see also low salt and very low salt.
sea salt
  1. Or sel de mer or sale marino or bay salt

  2. A broad term that generally refers to unrefined or minimally refined salt, containing trace minerals and naturally evaporated from a living ...
seasoned salt
    A salt that has a base of regular salt along flavored with other seasonings such as dry mustard, garlic powder, onion powder and paprika. the term also refers to a salt that is combined with only ...
sel de mer
    Evaporated mediterranean sea water (photo at left). it contains trace minerals and nutrients that are not found in refined salt. it is generally available in fine and coarse grinds.
sel gris
  1. Or celtic salt or grey salt or sel marin

  2. A type of natural sea salt, in english translation grey salt, that is harvested from the atlantic waters from the coastal area of the gu...
smoked salt
    A relatively new category of gourmet salts, which can be naturally smoked over wood fires to infuse the salt crystals with natural smoke flavor, or be artificially infused. smoked salts add a smok...
  1. Along with chloride, one of the two elements of which salt is composed. sodium is an essential nutrient, easily absorbed and active in the absorption of other nutrients in the small intestine.... натрий; sodio;
sodium chloride
  1. The chemical compound for salt, composed of the elements sodium and chloride. the compound is sold in different sizes and forms, depending on intended use (e.g. table salt, food manufacturing)... halite; rocksalt;
sour salt
    See citric salt.
table salt
  1. Or cooking salt or granular salt

  2. A refined, fine-grained salt containing additives which make it flow freely. it does not stick to food very well and when added to solutions it is s...
    On the west coast of sicily, the 13.7-mile stretch of coast between trapani and marsala is a “saltworks” that produces fior di sale. historical references that date to 1154 describe the operation.... г. трапани (о. сицилия, италия);
very low salt
    A product with 35 mg or less sodium per serving. see also low salt and salt-free.