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Beer Glossary - 1

    A boutique brewery that produces fewer than 15,000 barrels annually. the american microbrewery movement began in the 1980s, fueled by the increasingly sophisticated american palate and consumer di...
mild ale
    A malty beer that originated in the britain, in the 1600s or earlier. modern mild ales are dark ales, generally with an abv of 3% to 3.6%, although some have up to 6% abv. the term mild original...
oatmeal stout
    Oatmeal stout adds oatmeal to the mash, which gives smoothness and creaminess to the stout. it has more restrained flavors and less alcohol than imperial stout. samuel smith makes a benchmark oatm...
old ale
    In the u.k., this term refers to a medium-strong dark ale. in australia, old simply means dark ale.
pale ale
    A bronze- or copper-colored ale, as opposed to dark brown ale. some english brewers use this term to describe their premium bitters.
    A general name for a crisp, golden-hued, highly-hopped, bottom-fermented lager. the original pilsner was first brewed at the bürgerlisches brauhaus in the bohemian town of plzen (meaning gree...
premium beer
    premium is a term used by breweries to describe their top-of-the-line offerings, made from the best ingredients. it doesnt describe a style of beer, or even mean that the beer is of superior qu...
    To drink deeply.
    Pronounced rhine-heights-gehbot, this is the german purity law that specifies that beer can only be made with 3 ingredients: barley, hops and water. the law dates back to 1516; at the time no one...
russian stout
    Imperial stout or russian stout has more of a rich, roasted quality and a higher level of alcohol. these are potent beers that can be almost as thickly textured as liqueur. examples include samuel...
    Black (schwarz) or very dark beer. the most famous is made in kostritz, germany.
scotch ale
    A very strong, often extremely dark, malt-accented, scottish specialty beer.
spiced ale
    An ale brewed with spicesoften, what we would call pumpkin pie spices, such as clove and nutmeg. not surprisingly, spiced pumpkin ale is a popular variation.
    The darkest of beers, a stout is top fermented and differentiated from a regular ale by its brown-black color, chocolate-coffee flavors and fuller body. this is achieved by brewing with barley tha...
    An order of monks with five breweries in belgium and one in the netherlands, that produce strong (6% to 12% alcohol), top-fermenting brews. by law they have exclusive right to use the term trappis... silerzziario;
    Weissbier is the german word for white beer, a pale brew made from wheat. weizenbock, a bock beer made from wheat, is sometimes served as a christmas beer. the dutch/flemish (belgian) term for wei...
    A high-alcohol wheat beer.
wheat beer
    A beer that is brewed with a significant proportion of wheat, which provides a distinctive pale color, creamy texture and a light, sweet flavor. some have overtones of banana and clove. the best-k...
  1. The fermentable sugars made from the mash. see beer-making for the entire process of beer-making.

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    The science or study of fermentation.