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The Top Words of 2010

spillcamThe BP Spillcam instantly beamed the immensity of the Gulf Spill around the world to the dismay of environmentalists, BPs PR staff and the President.
vuvuzelaBrightly colored plastic horns that first came to prominence at the South African World Cup.
the narrativeThough used at least since The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass in 1845, The Narrative has recently been gaining traction in the political arena, virtually replacing the need for a partys platform
refudiateConflation of refute and repudiate (un)officially coined by Sarah Palin.
guido and guidetteHey! All things Jersey are hot, capish? (Actually, capisci in standard Italian.)
deficitA growing and possibly intractable problem for the economies of most of the developed world.
snowmaggeddenPortmanteau words linking snow with apocalypse and armageddon, used to describe the record snowfalls in the US East Coast and Northern Europe last winter.
3-dThree-dimensional (as in movies) is buffo box office this year, but 3-D is being used in new ways generally describing robustness in products (such as toothpaste).