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Construction glossary

a/c condenser
    The outside fan unit of the air conditioning system. it removes the heat from the freon gas and "turns" the gas back into a liquid and pumps the liquid back to the coil in the furnace.
a/c disconnect
    The main electrical on-off switch near the a/c condenser.
  1. The round screened screw-on tip of a sink spout. it mixes water and air for a smooth flow.

  2. A screen-like insert screwed onto a faucet outlet. it mixes air with the flowing water to ... аэратор;
  1. A mixture of sand and stone and a major component of concrete.

  2. Агрегат, совокупность; скопление, масса
совокупный; агрегат; aggr;
air space
  1. The area between insulation facing and interior of exterior wall coverings. normally a 1" air gap.

  2. The space above private property or public property for which air rights may be gr... воздушное пространство;
    A sum of money set aside in the construction contract for items which have not been selected and specified in the construction contract. for example, selection of tile as a flooring may require an...
anchor bolts
    Bolts to secure a wooden sill plate to concrete , or masonry floor or wall.
фундаментные болты;
area wells
    Corrugated metal or concrete barrier walls installed around a basement window to hold back the earth
  1. A tax levied on a property, or a value placed on the worth of a property.

  2. Additional charges added to a case

  3. Оценка.

  4. Оценка

  5. A tax, charge, or levy o... тест бракена по оценке готовности к школе; контрольно-оценочная работа, оценка; альтернативный экзамен для учащихся; evaluación; оценка;
    A molding, attached to one of a pair of swinging double doors, against which the other door strikes.
attic access
    An opening that is placed in the drywalled ceiling of a home providing access to the attic.
attic ventilators
    In houses, screened openings provided to ventilate an attic space.
back charge
    Billings for work performed or costs incurred by one party that, in accordance with the agreement, should have been performed or incurred by the party to whom billed. owners bill back charges to g...
    Work the framing contractor does after the mechanical subcontractors (heating-plumbing-electrical) finish their phase of work at the rough (before insulation) stage to get the home ready for a mun...
balloon framed wall
    Framed walls (generally over 10' tall) that run the entire vertical length from the floor sill plate to the roof. this is done to eliminate the need for a gable end truss.
    Vertical members in a railing used between a top rail and bottom rail or the stair treads. sometimes referred to as 'pickets' or 'spindles'.
  1. The rail, posts and vertical balusters along the edge of a stairway or elevated walkway.

  2. An entire railing system (as along the edge of a balcony) including a top rail and its balus... балюстрада;
  1. Horizontal beam rafter that supports shorter rafters.

  2. 1. a towed or self-propelled flat-bottomed boat, built mainly for river, canal, and coastal transport of heavy goods.

    barcaza; баржа; барк; катер;
base or baseboard
    A trim board placed against the wall around the room next to the floor.
base shoe
    Molding used next to the floor on interior base board. sometimes called a carpet strip.
basement window inserts
    The window frame and glass unit that is installed in the window buck.
    A section of fiber-glass or rock-wool insulation measuring 15 or 23 inches wide by four to eight feet long and various thickness'. sometimes "faced" (meaning to have a paper covering on one side) ...
bearing header
    (a) a beam placed perpendicular to joists and to which joists are nailed in framing for a chimney, stairway, or other opening. (b) a wood lintel. (c) the horizontal structural member over an openi...
bearing partition
    A partition that supports any vertical load in addition to its own weight.
bearing point
    A point where a bearing or structural weight is concentrated and transferred to the foundation
bearing wall
  1. A wall that supports any vertical load in addition to its own weight.

  2. A wall capable of supporting an imposed load. also called a structural wall or loadbearing wall. bearing wall 9...
  1. A subsurface layer of earth that is suitable to support a structure.

  2. The hard, solid rock at the earth’s surface or underlying surface soil; can be utilized as a firm foundation for... плотик;
bid bond
  1. A bond issued by a surety on behalf of a contractor that provides assurance to the recipient of the contractor's bid that, if the bid is accepted, the contractor will execute a contract and pr... гарантия (тендерного) предложения;
bid shopping
    A practice by which contractors, both before and after their bids are submitted, attempt to obtain prices from potential subcontractors and material suppliers that are lower than the contractors' ...
bidding requirements
  1. The procedures and conditions for the submission of bids. the requirements are included ion documents, such as the notice to bidders, advertisements for bids, instructions to bidders, invitati...
bifold door
    Doors that are hinged in the middle for opening in a smaller area than standard swing doors. often used for closet doors.
bipass doors
    Doors that slide by each other and commonly used as closet doors.
    Fiber-glass or rock-wool insulation that comes in long rolls 15 or 23 inches wide.
block out
    To install a box or barrier within a foundation wall to prevent the concrete from entering an area. for example, foundation walls are sometimes "blocked" in order for mechanical pipes to pass thro...
blocked (door blocking)
    Wood shims used between the door frame and the vertical structural wall framing members.
blocked (rafters)
    Short "2 by 4's" used to keep rafters from twisting, and installed at the ends and at mid-span.
  1. Small wood pieces to brace framing members or to provide a nailing base for gypsum board or paneling.

  2. Setting actor and camera positions and move-ments which are intimately related ... разделение (текста) на блоки, формирование блоков (сообщения); объединение; desprendimiento de oxido por presion; desprendimiento de óxido por presión; pegamiento .; блокирование; заскок;
blow insulation
    Fiber insulation in loose form and used to insulate attics and existing walls where framing members are not exposed.
blue print(s)
    A type of copying method often used for architectural drawings. usually used to describe the drawing of a structure which is prepared by an architect or designer for the purpose of design and plan...
blue stake
    Another phrase for utility notification. this is when a utility company (telephone, gas, electric, cable tv, sewer and water, etc) comes to the job site and locates and spray paints the ground and...
bond or bonding
    An amount of money (usually $5,000-$10,000) which must be on deposit with a governmental agency in order to secure a contractor's license. the bond may be used to pay for the unpaid bills or dispu...
bottom chord
  1. The lower or bottom horizontal member of a truss.

  2. The lower longitudinal member of a truss.
breaker panel
    The electrical box that distributes electric power entering the home to each branch circuit (each plug and switch) and composed of circuit breakers.
brick ledge
  1. Part of the foundation wall where brick (veneer) will rest.

  2. On a wall, a ledge that supports a course of masonry.
brick lintel
    The metal angle iron that brick rests on, especially above a window, door, or other opening.
brick tie
    A small, corrugated metal strip @ 1" x 6"- 8" long nailed to wall sheeting or studs. they are inserted into the grout mortar joint of the veneer brick, and holds the veneer wall to the sheeted wal...
brick veneer
    A vertical facing of brick laid against and fastened to sheathing of a framed wall or tile wall construction.
builder's risk insurance
    Insurance coverage on a construction project during construction, including extended coverage that may be added for the contract for the customer's protections.
building insurance
    Insurance covering the structure of the building.
building paper
  1. A general term for papers, felts, and similar sheet materials used in buildings without reference to their properties or uses. generally comes in long rolls.

  2. A heavy, relatively che...