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across the grain
    The direction at right angles to the length of the fibres and other longitudinal elements of the wood.
  1. A substance used to bond two surfaces together.

  2. Клей; клеящее вещество

  3. A substance capable of holding materials together by surface attachment

  4. A substance capa... клеящее вещество, клеящая мастика; клей; adh; adhsv; клейкий;
air velocity
    The velocity of air in the passages between rows of boards in a rack.
скорость воздуха;
air-dried timber
    Timber dried by exposure to air in a yard or shed, without artificial heat (also see seasoning).
along the grain
    The direction parallel with the length of the fibres and other longitudinal elements of the wood.
anchor bolt
    A device for connecting timber members to concrete or masonry
  1. Exhibiting different properties when measured along its different axes.

  2. Exhibiting different properties when measured along different axes

  3. Descriptive of a material (such... анизотропный;
anti-stain chemical
    A chemical applied to timber to prevent or retard chemical or fungal stain development.
    The sharp intersection of two surfaces, eg. the face and edge of a piece of wood .
back sawn timber
    Timber sawn so that the growth rings are inclined at less than 45 degrees to the wide face.
  1. Any angle not at 90 degrees. also, a tool for marking such an angle.

  2. Скос, фаска

  3. The shaping of the edge around the periphery of a lens necessary to hold the lens within ... скос эмали; bev;
    The breaking down of timber by natural or biological agents such as fungi and insects.
биоповреждение; биоповреждение (лесная отрасль);
  1. All living animals and plants

  2. Plants and animals in an environment. some of these plants and animals might be sources of food, clothing, or medicines for people.
    The notch in a rafter that rests on the top plate of a wall.
birds eye
    Figure on the surface of wood that has numerous rounded areas resembling small eyes.
boreal forest
    The forest areas of the northern north temperate zone dominated by coniferous trees such as spruce, fir and pine.
botanical name
    The botanical names of species and their relationship to trade names are defined in as 2543, nomenclature of australian timbers and as 1148, nomenclature of commercial timbers imported into austra...
bound moisture
    Moisture which is closely bound to the cell wall constituents of wood.
bound water
    Water molecules bound into the cell wall of timber. they are weakly bound chemically to the molecules of the cell wall and energy is required to break them free.
связанная вода;
bowstring truss
    A truss where the top chord of the truss is curved to an arch shape
box beam
  1. A built-up beam with solid timber flanges (a) and plywood or wood-base panel product webs (b).

  2. A built‑up beam with solid wood flanges and plywood or wood-‑based...
building material ecological sustainability index
    The building material ecological sustainability index is based on life cycle assessment but attempts to combine a number of criteria into three primary ones. there are: