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Glossary of Timber Bridge Terminology

pedestrian guiderailA barrier or protection attached to the sides of a bridge to be a guide for moving pedestrian traffic. Can be decorative or customized to some extent according to client's needs. Examples.
plan view1) View of a bridge from above the structure, usually seen on shop drawings.
2) Drawing of a structure with the view from overhead, looking down.
3) вид в плане

refusalThis is a term used in pile driving. When the piling is driven into the ground to the point that the piling is "refusing" to penetrate the ground further with the weight of the heavy equipment used in...
guiderail capThe timber piece at the top of a guiderail that finishes, or "caps" the railing.
dead load1) The static load imposed by the weight of the materials that make up a given structure.
2) балласт

penta (pentachlorophenol)The most commonly used oil based preservative used to pressure treat and wood and guard against decay and insect infestation.
elevation differenceThe height difference from one end of the bridge to the other end of the bridge. YBC can easily incorporate this feature.
retrofitModification of an existing structure to incorporate changes not available at time of original construction.
убирающееся шасси;
glu-lamAn engineered timber product manufactured by gluing together individual pieces of dimensional lumber. Glu-lam beams can span a much greater distance than with timber and, pound for pound, glu-lam beam...
cca (chromated copper arsenate)1) A water-based wood preservative containing arsenic, chromium and copper which is used to protect against decay, insects and increase the life of the timber. It is a common pressure treatment which ...
wingwallA wall used to retain the soil behind the abutment.
live load1) A variable load on a structure (e.g. a bridge) such as moving traffic or pedestrians. It is usually expressed in terms of pounds per square foot. Standard loading for York timber bridges are 85 lbs...
ll; переменная нагрузка;
acq (alkaline copper quarternary)A pressure treatment commonly used by YBC to protect wood against decay and insects. ACQ contains copper and quat components (fungicides that attack decay organisms) that work together to protect the ...
culvert1) A pipe or concrete box structure that conveys flow from open channels, swales, or ditches under a roadway, driveway, fill soil, or surface structure. Can be made of galvanized corrugated metal, pla...
водопропускная труба; cul.;
piling capA main ingredient in the support structure for weight displacement on a timber bridge. This timber is placed on top of the piling at each bent and underneath the stringers that connect the bents.
rip rap1) A layer of large stones or broken rock placed on an embankment as erosion control and protection.
2) a man-made pile of rocks and rubble often surrounding an off-shore lighthouse or as a base fo...

x-bracingA form of additional supports for the piling of a bridge. The timbers are placed in a “criss-cross” pattern joining the supporting piling.
specifications1) A document that explains all material and construction requirements of the bridge structure to be constructed, usually used by engineers or architects in the planning stages of construction.
2) ...

specs; технические условия, ту;
kdat (kiln dried after treatment)Wood that is dried in a kiln after pressure treatment.