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Airport Acronyms Glossary

aeronautical data-link
afs field office
afs field unit
air traffic control radar beacon
airman's information manual
airmen's meteorological information
asta1) Aerial Surveillance and Target Acquisition
2) All-Systems Test Article
3) American Society of Travel Agents
4) Automatic System Trouble Analysis
airport surveillance radarобзорная РЛС аэропорта
altitude-- encoded beacon reply
altrvAltitude Reservation
altitude reservationрезервирование высоты
american national standards group
anmsautomated notice to mariners system
automatic dependent surveillance
aviation weather products generator
benefit/cost ratio
bartbay area rapid transit district (california)
canadian minimum navigation performance specification airspace
central altitude reservation facilityцентр резервирования высот полетов (летающих КП стратегического авиационного командования ВВС)
commercial service airport
ccc1) canadian committee on cataloging; cataloging and classification committee (magert)
2) civilian con - servation corps
3) commodity credit corporation, an agency within the u.s. department of agriculture.
4) commodity credit corporation (usa).
compass locator at outer marker
ctacrafton, tull & associates
data entry and display systemсистема ввода и отображения данных
dca1) Defense Communications Agency - Агенство Военной Связи
2) decision controlled adaptation
3) dynamic channel assignment
4) decimal classification of astronautics
5) defense communications agency
6) design change authorization
7) digital computer autopilot
8) digital computers association
9) directorate of civil aviation
10) director of civil aviation
11) distance of closest approach
12) drift correction angle
13) dept. of community affairs (montana)
14) dredging contractors of america.
dgps1) дифференциальный GPS
2) differential global positioning system; differential global positioning satellite
dds1) Низкоскоростная (до 56 Кбит/с) выделенная линия передачи данных
2) Digital Data Service
3) data display system
4) data distribution system
5) deployable defense system
6) design data set
7) digital data system
8) digital display system
9) doppler detection system
10) digital data storage
11) служба по определению нетрудоспособности
dscs1) deep space communication satellite
2) defense satellite communications system
digital satellite compression service
direct outward dial
eof1) End Of Frame (HDLC, etc.)
2) earth orbital flight
3) expected operations forecast
4) end of file
eraden route radial
efaselectronic flash approach system
empselevation matrix processing system
expanded inward access features
esfExtended Superframe Format
faa technical center
facility master file
fbs1) far beam scatterometer
2) fighter bomber squadron
3) fixed-base simulator
final monitor aid
fdp1) field development
2) fighter director post
3) flight data processing
4) flight demonstration phase
5) flight development program
6) forward director post
flight service data processing system
flight standards district office
flight strip printer
freeze speed parameter
general aviation district officeокружное бюро авиации общего назначения
haa1) heavy antiaircraft artillery
2) height above airdrome
3) helicopter association of america
4) high-altitude abort
height above airport
height above touchdownвысота над точкой приземления
hi-- efas
interactive terminal interface
international business machines
labslow-altitude bombing system
lcn1) logical channel
2) load classification number
long range radar
low/medium frequency
maintenance control center
maintenance data terminal
mals with runway alignment indicator lights
meter fix crossing time/slot time
mm1) stb million of stock tank barrels
2) scm/d million of standard cubic metres per day
3) scf million of standard cubic feet
4) scf/d million of standard cubic feet per day
5) maintenance manual
6) map matching
7) manner mars (project)
8) micromodule
9) middle marker
10) minuteman (missile)
11) missile master (system)
12) millimeter, measurement to denote the focal length of a lens (i.e. 50)
nadin ia
national ambient air quality standards
national aviation weather advisory unit
national communications systemнациональная система связи
nfdcnational flight data center
nmc1) national meteorological center
2) naval missile center
3) national map collection (canada)
national radio communications systems
national weather serviceнациональная метеорологическая служба
ndb with distance measuring equipment
nexradnext generation weather radar
noise compatibility program
noise exposure map
pss1) platforms supervisory system
2) pump seal system
3) pad safety supervisor
4) passive spin stabilization
peripheral adapter module
positive control airspace
pbx1) Private Branch Exchange
2) офисный коммутатор (АТС)
3) private branch exchange (pbx) is a telephone exchange system used by business offices. users of the pbx share a certain number of external lines for making telephone calls as opposed to connecting an external telephone line to every telephone in the organization.
4) abbreviation for private branch exchange. a subscriber-owned telecommunications exchange that usually includes access to public switched networks.
private branch exchange
radar air traffic control facility (usn)
rcag1) remote center air ground (communication
2) remote controlled
remote monitoring subsystem
rtr1) remote trip relay
2) reliability test requirements
3) returning to ramp
remote transmitter/receiver
service o
service oversight center
simultaneous operations on intersecting wet runways
station identifier
statistical data multiplexer
supplementary aviation weather reporting system
switched digital integrated service