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Photo Chemical Glossary

a a (s)
    Atomic absorption (spectrometry) is used for analyzing solutions for their metal
    An ammonia-based etchant commonly used for copper.
aperture masks
    Perforated metal foil used in the production of colour television screens.
    An accurately scaled pattern (usually a single image) which is used to produce
artwork master
    An accurate one-to-one pattern, usually a single image, which is used to
  1. Viewing or photographing an object by placing it between a light source and

  2. From camera position, light that comes from behind the subject. usually, a backlit main subject will be u... contraluz; hintergrund-ausleuchtung; illuminación a contraluz; подсветка сзади;
base material
    The material to which a coating or plating is applied, and/or from which
bend lines
    Lines approximately half etched into the metal surface that can be used to
border data
    Patterns which appear in the border area of phototooling; these patterns may
bulls eye
    Stylized pattern located in the border area of a phototool to assist in
characteristic curve
    A curve in which d is plotted against log exposure resulting from
curva característica;
chemical blanking
    Originally used to describe pcm. see photo chemical machining.
chemical machining
    The selective removal of stock from base material by chemical
chlorine regeneration
    Used to regenerate ferric chloride to maintain good quality acid for
chrome on glass
    Phototool used for precise and accurate work.
cleanliness classes
    The statistically allowable number of particles per cu ft of air as per
coil set
    Curvature of rolled metal along its length caused by coiling under too much
contact printing
    A photographic process in which an image is transferred from one
positivado por contacto .; tiraje por contacto .;
conversion coating
    Treatment of the surface of the substrate by high temperatures or
    An x and y coordinate plotting machine consisting of a fixed or rotating
cosine law
    A law of illumination which indicates that the flux radiated or received in a
lambert’s . cosmati work polychromatic patterns of stone, glass, or gilding set in marble; commonly;
covers (lids)
    Manufactured by pcm and used to cover electronic thick film packages.
    A ridge or groove in flat-rolled metal caused by improper tension control during
    A curvature across the full width of the strip of metal that renders it somewhat
cupric chloride
    A popular etchant for copper.
cut and strip
    A method of producing artwork by cutting the pattern, usually on a
datum plane
    A plane from which distances or dimensions are reckoned.
datum point
    A point used as the basis for reckoning.
density (d)
    By definition, the log (1/t) where t is transparency. the value of d depends
    A non-silver, room lighting, uv-sensitive coating, usually on a stable transparent
    Any method of reducing feature locations on a flat plane to digital
dip coating
    Applying resist to the surface of the substrate by immersing it in a tank of
dry film resist
    Photoresist supplied in sheet laminate form as rolls. also see photoresist.
edge waves
    Buckle-like distortions that exist whenever the edge is longer than other
    The removal of metal from a surface through the action of an electrically
    The growing of metal in an electroplating bath on a mandrel (solid/ wax/
electroplastia; formación electrolítica;
embedded particle
    A foreign particle of solid substance impressed into the surface of
emulsion hardening
    The process inherent in the developing of a photographic layer,
emulsion side
    The side of a photographic film or plate, which has the photographic layer
lado emulsión;
etch allowance
    The total dimensional adjustment, expressed in inches, mils or millimetres
etch band design
    The method of designing artwork for the photochemically machined
etch factor
    The ratio of the etched depth to the lateral etch, or undercut.
    Chemical solution used in etching.
etched blank
    The photochemically machined work piece in the flat or preformed
evaporation mask
    Manufactured by pcm or pef and used as a stencil when vacuum
exothermic reaction
    A chemical reaction that creates heat.
exposure (e)
    The quantity of light received per unit area of the layer. exposure may be
    Any of the phototooling products which may be retained for recreating or