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Поиск в глоссариях:  

Глоссарий разговорных идиом в английском языке

(for) ages
    (for) donkey`s years;
    (for) donkey`s years
      A long time
    (for) ages;
    (it`s) a feather in one`s cap
      (it`s) an event to justify
    (it`s) as easy (simple) as falling off a log
      Extremely easy (simple)
    (it`s) as easy as kiss your hand (my thumb)
      Extremely easy
    (to be) as plain as the nose on one`s face
      (to be) perfectly obvious
    (to be) done for
      (to be) ruined
    injured, etc.; worn out or beyond further use;
    (to be) in a fix
      In a difficulty (or dilemma)
    (to be) in a hole
      (to be) faced with what appears to be a disastrous difficulty, an insurmountable trouble
    (to be) in a jam
      (to be) in a difficulty or in an awkward
    (to be) in a mess
      (to be) in trouble
    (to be) in hot water or to get into hot water
      To have (get into) trouble, especially as the result of foolish behaviour
    (to be) in the soup (cart)
      (to be) in disastrously serious trouble
    (to be) on its last legs
      (to be) a hopeless state of decay
    about to die; almost exhausted;
    (to be) on one`s beam ends
      To be without money, help
    (to be) on the go
      (to be) at work or doing something active
    (to be) up one`s street
      Suited to one`s tastes (or powers)
    (to do something) off one`s own bat
      (to do it) on one`s own initiative, and the action is usually regarded fa
    (to have something) on ones hand(s)
      (to have it) resting on one as a responsibility, under one`s charge
    (to have) other fish to fry
      (to have) other business to do (and therefore be busy)
    (to put something) in a nutshell
      In the fewest possible words
    in brief;
    a baseless ru
      a mare`s nest;
      a bear garden (a bedlam)
        A place full of noise and con
      a foolish and useless enterprise
        a wild-goose chase;
        a hard nut to crack
          A very difficult problem
        a large (tall) order
          A task almost impossible to perform
        a mare`s nest
          An unfounded suspicion
        a baseless ru;
        a tall story
          A story difficult to believe
        an exaggerated;
        a walk-over
          An easy victory
        a complete and easy victory in a competition.;
        a wild-goose chase
          A practically hopeless pursuit or search
        a foolish and useless enterprise;
        about to die
          (to be) on its last legs; almost exhausted;
          act with recklessness that makes disaster pr
            to ride for a fall;
            almost exhausted
              (to be) on its last legs; about to die;
              an exaggerated
                a tall story;
                approach a subject in a roundabout a
                  to beat about the bush; to talk round a subject;
                  be too optimistic
                    Proverbial advice to those likely to suffer disappointment through miscalculation.)
                  comes to the worst
                    It couldn`t last more than
                  especially working well
                    to be on the job; to be working;
                    firmly and without qualifications
                      to put one`s foot down; to insist;
                      fond of hearing
                          (in) disorderly haste (used of a precipitate action, often in making a hasty retreat)