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Лучше английский: вымирает ли немецкий язык в концернах?

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Можно ли спасти татарский язык, лишив русский язык статуса государственного

Поиск в глоссариях:  

Глоссарий сокращений морских терминов (английский)

на или внутри судна
к корме или хвостовой части судна
грузовая авианакладная
базисное расстояние между портами
cubic metres
таможня порта
груз без скидки и не подлежащий возврату и/или судно погибло или не погибло
брать судно по чартеру
проведение переговоров брокером для сдачи судна по чартеру - подписание договора
пресноводная осадка судна при прибытии
зерновые (объем)
безопасное незатаренное удобрение
international maritime organisation
(ссылка на комментарий в сопроводительном документе на титульной странице a-f)
удержание имущества до момента погашения просроченной задолженности
расстояние между соседними судами по чистой воде
однопалубное судно
передняя или кормовая часть корпуса судна
время после подачи иска не указано
дифферентовка судна
линия на корпусе судна показывает границу затопления судна в перегруженном состоянии
touching or fast to the bottom
ahlaustralian hold ladders
above the deck of the ship
any safe port in the world
atdnshincany time day/night sundays and holidays included
beneath the deck
the baltic and international maritime council
bofferbest offer
despatch half demurrage on working time saved both ends
a receeding current
elventelectric ventilation
fast as can
fdedanrsaoclonlfreight deemed earned, discountless and non-returnable (refundable) ship and or cargo lost or not lost
full liner terms
fwadfresh water arrival draft
fygfor your guidance
for your guidance
gross registered tonnage
t/c remuneration
international maritime dangerous goods code
(refer to comments in covering statement on front page a-f)
lane metera method of measuring the space capacity of ro/ro ships whereby each unit of space (linear meter) is represented by an area of deck 1.0 meter in length x 2.0 meters in width.
laycanlaycan (layday cancelling date)
not always afloat but safely aground
ncbnational cargo bureau
ore/bulk/oil vessel
pcgopart cargo
pratiquelicence or permission to use a port
proformaestimated account
per weather working day
shipper owned container
time bar1) time after which legal claims will not be entered
2) time after which legal claims will not be entertained
tween decker
york antwerp rules
international tonnage certificatea certificate issued to a shipowner by a government department in the case of a ship whose gross and net tonnages have been determined in accordance with the international convention of tonnage measurement of ships. the certificate states the gross and net tonnages together with details of the spaces attributed to each.
ordinary seamana deck crewmember who is subordinate to the able bodied seaman.
ore-bulk-oil carriera large multi-purpose ship designed to carry cargoes wither of ore or other bulk commodities or oil so as to reduce the time the ship would be in ballast if restricted to one type of commodity. this type of ship is sometimes called bulk-oil carrier.
cargo manifesta manifest that lists all cargo carried on a specific vessel voyage.
microbridge1) a system of through rates and service offered by a carrier for cargo shipments from any inland u.s. location to a port by sea, to a foreign port, and finally overland to foreign inland destination.
2) a system of through rates and service offered by a carrier for cargo shipments from any inland u.s. location to a port, by sea to a foreign port and finally overland to foreign inland destination.
inland carriera transportation line that hauls export of import traffic between ports and inland points.
ship`s tackleall rigging, cranes, etc., utilized on a ship to load or unload cargo.
ordinary seaman (os)an apprentice ab, assists ab`s bosun, and officers, keeps facilities clean.
deep stowageany bulk, bagged or other type of cargo stowed in single hold ships.
general cargo carriersbreakbulk freighters, car carriers, cattle carriers, pallet carriers and timber carriers.
contrabandcargo that is prohibited.
colregconvention on international regulations for preventing collisions at sea.
container manifestdocument showing contents and loading sequence of a container.
gatsgeneral agreement on trade in services.
gnpgross national product: gdp plus the net income accruing from foreign sources.
stcwinternational convention on standards of training, certification and watchkeeping for seafarers, 1978.
pvsapassenger vessel services act.
cargo preferencereserving a portion of a nation`s imports and exports to national-flag vessels.
shipping act of 1916the act of the u.s. congress (1916) that created the u.s. shipping board to develop water transportation, operate the merchant ships owned by the government, and regulate the water carriers engaged in commerce under the flag of the united states. as of june 18, 1984, applies only to domestic offshore ocean transport.
freight rate1) the charge made for the transportation of freight.
2) the charge made for the transportation of freight. see also bsr.
harbor duesvarious local charges against all seagoing vessels entering a harbor, to cover maintenance of channel depths, buoys, lights, etc. all harbors do not necessarily have this charge.
berth cargowhen a liner cargo vessel accepts extra cargo to fill up the empty space remaining.
disabled shipwhen a ship is unable to sail efficiently or in a seaworthy state as a result of engine trouble, lack of officers or crew, damage to the hull or ship`s gear.
stacking and handlinga charge, usually made by a stevedoring authority, for handling cargo being unloaded from a ship (australia). stand-by vessel stationed near an offshore installation, responsible for evacuating its crew in emergencies. also performs continuous guard function, warning other vessels to keep their distance from installations, etc.
half-height containera container with open top, with or without a soft cover, between 1.12m and 1.45m (4`0" and 4`9") high.
carneta document of permission issued by an exporting country authority which allows cargo to enter a country on a temporary basis with no, or minimum, customs formalities.
heavy lift chargean extra charge imposed for a package of container weighing more than normal and requiring special equipment/methods/safety precautions when being packed/unpacked/loaded/unloaded/handled.
bulk freight containerany container which, by design, will allow bulk loading materials.
dry freightany dry cargo not requiring controlled temperature protection.
hazardous cargocargo which is defined as requiring special handling or stowage on a vessel and which is classified as a hazard by the relevant maritime authority or under the merchant shipping dangerous goods rules, or similarly for airfreight.
destination zone chargecharge for that portion of the `through service` applying to land delivery from the overseas destination port to the inland destination.
cabafcurrency and bunker adjustment factor. an adjustment factor representing variations in the price of bunkers and exchange rates, expressed as a plus/minus percentage which is applied to freight calculations. see also baf, caf.
accommodation unitfitted with cabins and catering facilities for offshore crews. semisubmersible accommodation units are often called "flotels".
gcccgeneva customs convention on containers
interim receiptgiven when the goods are received by the ship prior to the issue of a bill of lading. it used to be given by on on behalf of the mate and is sometimes called a mates receipt.
hawbhouse air way bill. a document of affreightment issued by an air freight forwarder used to cover the movement of goods by air. the air freight forwarder consolidates a number of `s under one awb fro transport by an airline. see also awb.
millennium bugmany systems, especially computers and equipment with embedded computer chips, are likely to fail on 01/01/2000. this is because such equipment stores years by the last 2 numbers (e.g.: 1999 = 99, 2000 = 00) and many computers, etc., are programmed to understand the year 00 to be 1900, etc. see also y2k.