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Глоссарий по спектроскопии

cisscaloric-interferometrical spectroscopy with single light pulses
cems1) charge exchange mass spectra spectrometry
2) conversion electron mossbauer spectroscopy

cdnp-fiddynamic nuclear polarization
cd ft-ir spectroscopycircular di- chroism fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
ccdltsconstant capacity deep-level transient spectroscopy
carrs1) coherent anti- stokes resonance raman scattering
2) coherent anti- stokes resonance raman spectroscopy

cahrscoherent anti- stokes hyper raman spectroscopy
cad ms tandemcolli- sionally activated dissociation mass spectrometry
bsrsbackward-stimulated raman scattering
boxcars1) crossed-beam phase-matched cars
2) cars with box-shaped beam configuration

cesfsconstant energy synchronous fluorescence spectrometry
ceslsconstant energy synchronous luminescence spectrometry
cesrconduction electron spin resonance
cirscomputer-aided infrared spectrometry
cirrscollision induced rotational raman scattering
cimpchemically induced magnetic polarization
cieelchemically initiated electton
cidicollision-induced dissociative ionization
cid-ftmscollision induced dissociation fourier-transform mass spectrometry
cid spectroscopyraman circular intensity differential spectroscopy
cfidclipped free induction decay
cfaescarbon-furnace atomic emission spectroscopy
cewm-aascontinuous source echellet monochromator wavelength modulated atomic absorption spectroscopy
bixebombardment induced x-ray emission
bbordbroadband off-resonance decoupling
bbdrbroadband double resonance
amefsauger-monitored extended fine structure
alrlowest laser- raman active accordion type oscillations
alicissalcali ion impact collision-induced scattering spectroscopy
ajcpadiabatic jcross- polarization
aessatomic emission spark spectrometry
aes-pauger electron spectroscopy using photon excitation
aes-iauger electron spectroscopy using ion excitation
aes-eauger electron spectroscopy using electron excitation
aeasatomic emission arc spectrometry
adrfadiabatic demagnetization in rotary frame
apci-msatmospheric pressure chemical ionization mass spectrometry
apirft1) alternate phase infrared fourier transform
2) alternating phase inversion recovery fourier transform

araesangle-resolved auqer electron spectroscopy
aufsabsorbance unit full scale
atr-sp techniqueattenuated total reflection- surface plas- mon technique
asleepoperautomated scanning low energy electron probe with on-line processing of experimental recordings
arxpsangle resolved x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
arxpeangle resolved x-ray photoemission
arspipesangle-resolved spin-polarized inverse photoelectron spectroscopy
arsee spectroscopyangle-resolved secondary electron emission spectrosco-
arpes1) angle-resolved photo-electron spectroscopy
2) angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy

arissangle resolved low energy ion scattering spectroscopy
aredsangle resolved energy distribution curve