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Словарь современного сленга

plus~a prefix used in the sense of very, i.e., to give an adjective or an adverb a stronger meaning (e.g. plusgood means "very good").
minipaxministry of peace (ministry of war, cf
miniplentyministry of plenty (keeping the population in a state of constant economic hardship)
minitrueministry of truth (propaganda and altering history)
dayorderorder of the day.
recdeprecords department (division of the ministry of truth that deals with the rectification of records; department in which winston works)
upsubsubmit to higher authority. in one scene in the novel, winston smith is instructed to alter a document to conform with the party line, and submit it to his superiors before filing it
pornosecsubunit of the fiction department of the ministry of truth that produces pornography
telescreentelevision and security camera-like devices used by the ruling party in oceania to keep its subjects under constant surveillance
prolefeedthe steady stream of mindless entertainment to distract and occupy the masses
thinkpolthe thought police
miniluvministry of love (secret police, interrogation and torture)
crimestopit means to rid oneself of unwanted thoughts, i.e., thoughts that interfere with the ideology of the party. this way, a person avoids committing thoughtcrime
doublethinkis the act of simultaneously accepting as correct two mutually contradictory beliefs, often in distinct social contexts. it is related to, but distinct from, hypocrisy and neutrality. its opposite is ...
ante~a prefix used meaning "pre~" or "before".
facecrimean indication that a person is guilty of thoughtcrime based on their facial expression.
speakwritean instrument used by party members to note or "write" down information by speaking into an apparatus as a faster alternative to an "ink pencil". it is, for example, used in the mi...
artsemartificial insemination.
ingsocenglish socialism.
oldspeakenglish; perhaps any language that is not newspeak.
misprintserrors or mispredictions which need to be rectified in order to prove that the party is always right. see malquoted above.
malquotedflaws or inaccurate presentations of party or big brother-related matters by the press. see misprints below.
joycampforced labor camp
oldthinkideas inspired by events or memories of times prior to the revolution.
goodthinkvaguely translatable to orthodox thought.