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Printing Glossary

satin emulsiona water based product that creates a soft sheen finish that works well with dark colours and other metallic finishes.
matt emulsiona water based finish that creates a very flat finish with minimal sheen.
make-readythe work associated with the set-up of equipment before running a job.
liners(also known as backing paper or carrier) is the material which the label will be adhered to when delivered to the customer, ready for automatic application.
linerless labelsas per self adhesive, linerless labels supplied on a reel for automatic application. they are most commonly used on fresh meat & poultry products as replacement for sleeves.
lean manufacturinga manufacturing management philosophy that places emphasis on removing the wasteful use of materials. any expenditure that doesn`t contribute directly to the creation of value is eliminated.
leading edge / copy positioncopy position of the label text as it is being dispensed on the customer’s line
kraft boardcoated natural kraft (cnk) provides the best combination of product protection and brand impression. carefully engineered from hardworking natural and recyled fibres, kraft board provides high levels of elasticity and high tear resistance and can meet high demands of strength and durability.
gripper bara device on a printing or cutting machine for holding and transferring the sheet during the printing or finishing process.
gripper allowancethe margin of paper along the gripper edge of the sheet which is held by the gripper and cannot be printed.
grease resistant packagingpackaging that has a special coating or finish applied to it to repel grease, oil and wax.
grain of the boardmachine manufactured board is made up of many fibres, which in general, tend to line up in one direction due to the nature of the process. this produces a preferred direction or grain along which it is easier to fold, bend or tear the board.
metallised polyester boardoften known as metpol board. metallised polyester film, in various metallic shades, is laminated to folding box board. the board can then be printed and formed to create premium high end cartons.
microflute packagingmicroflute board is a lightweight yet durable corrugated material.
reversed outtype appearing white on a black or colour background which is either a solid or a tint.
process coloursthe colours which make up full colour printing. cyan, magenta, yellow and black.
printing platean anodised aluminium plate which has a light sensitive coating applied once exposed (to the image) and developed the image area is sensitised to receive ink. the plate is positive reading and the image is transferred (offset) onto the printing blanket from which it is finally transferred to the material to be printed. it is important to realise that each colour in a printing job requires a separate plate.
polyethylene (pet)used for high speed applications and to provide a ‘no label’effect on filmic labels
pilspatient information leaflets (pils) are leaflets containing specific information about medical conditions, doses, side effects that packed with medicines to give the user information about the product. pil is the european version of the package insert. the pil is written by the manufacturing pharmaceutical company and is a patient friendly version of the summary of product characteristics. all licenced medicines need to carry such a leaflet. there are guidelines that must be followed for producing this document, drawn up by the european medicines agency of the eu.
perforationrunning a series of cuts (often very small and close together) into board to allow the two sides to be separated.
pefc (programme for the endorsement of forest certification)the programme for the endorsement of forest certification is an international governing body that promotes sustainable forest management. it is the largest forest certification system in the world.
pearlescent finisha finish that creates a shimmering effect by dispersing iridescent material into uv or water based varnishes. often used in luxury, high end products.
pantone referenceinternational guide system of designating colours for printing reference.
organoleptic assessmentan assessment of how materials are experienced by the senses, including taste, sight, smell and touch.
offset litho(graphy)a printing process by which the inked image to be printed is transferred (offset) first to a rubber layer before coming into contact with the board which takes up the inked areas.
glassinethis is the most commonly used liner for both paper and filmic face materials.
fsc (forest stewardship council)the forest stewardship council is a global organisation that is dedicated towards promoting responsible forestry.
colour separationprocess by which an image is separated into the component colours for multi colour print production.
colour management systema system put in place to ensure that colours consistently remain the same regardless of the devices or medium used to apply or display the colours. this is essential for colour management across packaging ranges.
coaterpart of a litho printing press which applies coatings to printed board.
cardboard cartona prefabricated carton board container used for the packaging of a variety of products including foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and many more.
cad (computer aided design)the use of a computer system to assist in the design process of product packaging.
braille cellconsists of six dots, positioned like the figure“six” on a dice, in two parallel vertical lines of three dots each.
bpif iso12647-2a colour management standard implemented by the british printing industries federation.
bpifbritish printing industries federation. a uk trade association representing the interest of the carton sector to governments and associated agencies, and pro-actively communicating carton board`s unique commercial and environmental advantages to a wide audience.
board grain directionthe orientation of the fibres in the structure of the carton board. the direction of the grain usually runs opposite to the major creases on the carton and can be determined by checking the resistance of the board by bending it. the direction that gives the least resistance is the direction the grain is running.
anti-counterfeiting packaginganti-counterfeiting packaging is a measure taken to prevent the imitation and infringement of authentic goods. this guarantees the consumer of the products safety and helps the company minimize loss of revenue and loyalty due to counterfeiting.
adhesivescommonly known as ‘pressure sensitive’, as the adhesive becomes active when pressure is applied. there are two types of adhesive, permanent & removable. adhesives may have migratory properties affecting permeable materials such as plastics.
composite sheetthere are two types of composite sheet the most common is where two or more products from one customers range are printed on the same sheet. this can provide good cost savings, but has to be carefully managed to prevent mixed product. the second type is where two or more components of a job (for example a lid and a base) are both produced on the same sheet.
concorrathe concorra process is a technique that is used in the cut and crease process to create a superior visual effect to perforation and create an easy-open feature. partial cuts are offset on either side of the carton to form an easy open tear strip. it provides cleaner tear than perforations.
four colour processfull colour printing using four constituent colours: cyan, yellow, magenta and black.
folding boxboarda folding boxboard is made up of multiple layers of pulp. folding boxboard is lightweight and highly stiff and is the perfect material for use in folding cartons.
folder-gluera modular machine that takes flat blanks through the folding and gluing process. folder-gluers can process a range of materials including solid cardboards, plastics, varnished boards, litho-laminates and microflutes.
extrusion coatinga versatile coating of molten synthetic resin that can be used on paperboard, corrugated fibre board, paper and various plastics.
drip off matt/glossa printing finish that provides a spot-gloss finish and textured matt effect with very high levels of detail. this process uses standard inks and a special print varnish that allows the application of gloss varnish via a plate followed by a matt varnish. this creates a reticulation effect.
die-cuta process that uses a metal die to shear through low-strength materials such as cardboard, plastic, foil and other lightweight materials.
debossimage pressed into board so it lies below the typical “viewing” surface.
cyrela raised image polymer plate. it provides a positive image. used for pattern varnishes in either uv or water- based varnishes.
cut and creasea process using a die form that includes cutting the printed materials into the desired shape, as well as creasing them to provide accurate fold lines.
creasing processa process using a die creates creases in the packaging material so that it can fold with ease and without creating any cracking or splitting of the sheet.
corner radiusradius dimension of the corners of the label. the normal radius used is 1.5mm / 2mm.
offset lithographic printingoffset printing is the application of ink(s) to the substrate via a printing plate to a rubber blanket and finally to the substrate