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Глоссарий по сварке

    Mig process that delivers precise control of the arc even over tack welds and in tight corners. provides optimum and precise molten puddle control.
accu-rated power
    The standard for measuring engine-driven generator power. guarantees delivery of all power promised.
active arc stabilizer
    Enhances arc starts and provides a softer arc throughout all ranges, with less puddle turbulence and less spatter.
adaptive hot start
    Automatically increases the output amperage at the start of a stick weld, should the start require it. helps eliminate sticking of the electrode at arc start.
advanced active field control technology
    A simple and reliable patented way of accurately controlling an engine drive's generator weld output.
air carbon arc cutting
    A cutting process by which metals are melted by the heat of an arc using a carbon electrode. molten metal is forced away from the cut by a blast of forced air.
aluminum pulse hot start
    Automatically provides more arc power to the millermatic® 350p to eliminate a "cold start" that is inherent with aluminum starts.
  1. The measurement of the amount of electricity flowing past a given point in a conductor per second. current is another name for amperage.

  2. The flow of electric current in a circuit, e...
    Automatically enhances stick welding, especially on pipe, by focusing the arc and preventing the electrode from going out.
auto remote sense
    Automatically switches machine from panel to remote control with remote connected. available on dimension nt 450, xmt® 350, trailblazer® series, and pro 300. eliminates confusion and need for pane...
    Allows a tig arc on the trailblazer® series to crater-out, allowing time for the addition of filler, without the loss of shielding gas. eliminates the need for a remote control at arc end.
    Allows for any primary input voltage within a range, single- or three-phase, 50 or 60 hz. also adjusts for voltage spikes within the entire range.
    Internal inverter power source circuit that automatically links the power source to the primary voltage being applied (230 v or 460 v), without the need for manually linking primary voltage termin...
    Automatically controls the pilot arc when cutting expanded metal or multiple pieces of metal, without manual re-triggering.
    Allows a tig arc to be stopped without the loss of shielding gas on the trailblazer® series.
automatic start at idle
    Idles engine immediately when started, extending engine life and reducing fuel consumption and noise.
automatic welding
    Uses equipment which welds without the constant adjusting of controls by the welder or operator. equipment controls joint alignment by using an automatic sensing device.
axcess file management
    Software that turns a standard palm handheld into a data card and a remote pendant for all axcess systems. allows e-mailing, storage, and transfer of welding programs.
    air carbon arc cutting;
    constant current
      These welding machines have limited maximum short circuit current. they have a negative volt-amp curve and are often referred to as "droopers".
    cc; welding machine;
    constant voltage
    1. This type of welding machine output maintains a relatively stable, consistent voltage regardless of the amperage output. it results in a relatively flat volt-amp curve.

    2. Постоянное н... cv; constant potential; постоянное напряжение;
    constant-speed wire feeder
      Feeder operates from 24 or 115 vac supplied by the welding power source.
      Integrated cooler runs only when needed on syncrowave® 250 dx & 350 lx.
      direct current electrode negative;
        direct current electrode positive; единый образовательный план школьного;
        direct current electrode negative
          The direction of current flow through a welding circuit when the electrode lead is connected to the negative terminal and the work lead is connected to the positive terminal of a dc welding machin... dcen;
        direct current electrode positive
          The direction of current flow through a welding circuit when the electrode lead is connected to a positive terminal and the work lead is connected to a negative terminal to a dc welding machine. a... dcep;
        dual power option
          Gives the option on the pipepro 304 engine drive to use 230 volt single- or three-phase electric input power, eliminating engine wear, noise and emissions, as well as fuel costs.
        duty cycle
          The number of minutes out of a 10-minute time period an arc welding machine can be operated at maximum rated output. an example would be 60% duty cycle at 300 amps. this would mean that at 300 amp...
        engine save start
          Idles engine 3
          Internal power source cooling system that only works when needed, keeping internal components cleaner.
        fastip contact tip
          Patented, single-turn for quick change
          flux cored arc welding;
          fixed automation
            Automated, electronically controlled welding system for simple, straight or circular welds.
          flexible automation
            Automated, robotically controlled welding system for complex shapes and applications where welding paths require torch-angle manipulation.
          flux cored arc welding
            An arc welding process which melts and joins metals by heating them with an arc between a continuous, consumable electrode wire and the work. shielding is obtained from a flux contained within the... fcaw;
          gas metal arc welding
            Mig welding
          gmaw; дуговая сварка металлическим электродом в газовой среде;
          gas tungsten arc welding
            Tig welding
          gtaw; дуговая сварка вольфрамовым электродом в газовой среде;
          globular transfer
            Named for “globs” of weld metal transferring across the arc in a gravity feed. droplets across the arc are usually larger than the electrode diameter. it does not produce a very smooth weld bead a...
            gas metal arc welding;
            gmaw or gas metal arc welding
              mig welding;
              ground connection
                A safety connection from a welding machine frame to the earth. workpiece connection for the difference between work connection and ground connection.
              ground lead
                When referring to the connection from the welding machine to the work, preferred term workpiece lead.
                gas tungsten arc welding;
                gtaw or gas tungsten arc
                  tig welding;
                    Allows you to use either a standard gun or a spoolmatic® gun on millermatic® 210, 251, and 350 without flipping a switch. the machine senses which gun you are using when you pull the trigger.
                  hot start
                  1. Used on some stick (smaw) machines to make it easier to start difficult-to-start electrodes. used for arc starting only.

                  2. Пуск из горячего состояния (напр., турбины)
                  пуск из горячего состояния;
                  1. Power source which increases the frequency of the incoming primary power, thus providing for a smaller size machine and improved electrical characteristics for welding, such as faster response... inv; invtr; инвертор; (electr.) инвертор; инвертирующий элемент; invertidor;