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Abbreviations in Geographic Information Systems and Cartography

amsradvanced microwave scanning radiometer
asaradvanced synthetic aperture radar
apcmaerial photography contract management system
apsraerial photography summary record
adpdpalaska division of policy development and planning
absmalberta bureau of surveying and mapping
eubalberta energy and utilities board
ai/anaamerican indian/alaska native area
aslaamerican society of landscape architects
aacranglo-american cataloguing rules
arcfmarc facilities manager (esri)
armisarkansas resource management information system
asgaassn. des services geologiques africains
aeseassociation of earth science editors
agileassociation of geographic information laboratories
anzlicaustralia new zealand land information council
arzautorestricted zone
blpubasic land and property unit
bnpcbathymetric navigation planning chart
botusbest of the u.s. (space imaging)
beicipbureau d`etudes industrielles et de cooperation de l`institut francais du petrole
cwhrcaliforia wildlife habitat relationships
ccpr1) california center for population research
2) codex committee for pes t i c i de residues
cerescalifornia environmental resource evaluation system
cmcccalifornia mapping coordinating committee
csaacalifornia state automobile association
ccelccanada committee on ecological land classification
cldscanada land data system(s)
ccbccmcanadian committee for the bibliographic control of cartographic materials
cdedcanadian digital elevation data
cismcanadian inst. of surveying and mapping
cspgcanadian society of petroleum geologists
canveccanadian vector data
cypluscape york peninsula land use strategy
craigescartographic reproduction and interactive graphic editing system
cuaccartographic users advisory council (u.s.)
aciucentral interpretation unit (royal air force, great britain)
cnescentre national d`etudes spatiales (france)
cgccommission geologique du canada
cplarcommunity perspectives on land and agrarian reform (south africa)
cbepcommunity-based environmental protection (usepa program)
cgpmconference general des poids et mesures
cikmconference on information knowledge management
corseconference on remote sensing education
calsconnecticut assn. of land surveyors; computer-aided acquisition and logistic support; computer assisted land survey system (spdk)
cgnhsconnecticut geological and natural history survey
criscross-track infrared sounder (us)
dielogdaasc integrated e-mail logistics system (usdma)
dsdpdeep sea drilling project
dmsodefense mapping school operations office (usdma)
ddisdepository distribution information system (usgpo)
dnrcdept. of natural resources and conservation (montana)
dachdeputy assistant chief hydrologist
dcrm(c)descriptive cataloging of rare materials (cartographic)
dave-gdialogue assisted virtual environment for geoinformation
dbhdiameter at breast height
dais-1digital airborne imagery system (space imaging (firm))
dcdstfdigital cartographic data standards task force (u.s.)
dgdfdigital geospatial data files
dlg-edigital line graph--enhanced
dspwdigital photogrammetric workstation (usce)
drgpdigital representation of graphic products
drisdigital research and instructional services (univ. of virginia)
dishidrosdinas hidro oceanografi (indonesia)
dgrmdireccion general de recursos minerales (panama)
dmausedma utility software environment (usdma)
esddearth science data directory (usgs)
ebrpdeast bay regional park district (california)
evi1) enhanced vegetation index
2) extreme value i ndex
effiseuropean forest fire information system
farcfederal archives and record center
gisdexfederal geographic information and spatial data exposition and conference (u.s.)
flhofederal lands highway office (u.s.)
feducfederal user conference (esri)
fdlsfiji dept. of lands and survey
fsmsflorida surveying and mapping society
frbrfunctional requirements for bibliographic records (ifla)
gcmgeneral circulation model; global climate model; general command of mapping (turkey)
gbf1) geographic base file
2) guterbahnhof = freight depot
gisciencegeographic information science
giugeographic information unit (us dept. of state)
glas-hgeologisches landesamt schleswig-holstein
gdmgeospatial data management
gugkglavnoe upravlenie geodezii i kartografii (ussr)
gsdmglobal spatial data model
grbgovernment records branch (library and archives of canada; national archives of canada)
glaigreen leaf area index
gchcgulf coast hydroscience center (u.s.)
hfnhafen = port, harbor
hcfcdharris county (texas) flood control district
bsnhheadwater basin
hpgnhigh-precision geodetic network
hlrshighway location reference standard
heirshistoric environmental reporting system (iao)
huahydrologic unit area
pcliindependent political entity (republic)
iwpcinst. of water pollution control
ifremerinstitut francais de recherche pour l`exploitation de la mer