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Abbreviations in Geographic Information Systems and Cartography

amisaractive microwave imagersynthetic aperture radar
avhrradvanced very high resolution radiometer
apmiaerial photography micrographic index system (usgs)
apca1) air pollution control assn.
2) australian port charges additional. the name for a charge applied on the ecna trade made by shipping companies in addition to some freights to cover australian port charges that have not been included in the freight, e.g.: wharfage, port charges, stevedoring. see also bsra.
adnralaska dept. of natural resources
acecamerican consulting engineers council
ailespamerican indian lands environmental support project
aicpamerican inst. of certified planners
aacccmanglo-american cataloguing committee for cartographic materials
adrgarc-digitized raster graphics (usdma)
awararea weighted average resolution
apbelatlantic provinces board of examiners for land surveyors
asgcaustralian statistical geographical classification
acapsautomated chart production system (c&gs)
alisautomated land information system (tva)
am/fmautomated mapping/facilities management
bnpcbathymetric navigation planning chart
banqbibliotheque et archives nationales du quebec
biomapsbiodiversity mapping for protection and sustainable use of natural resources
borpelsboard of registration for professional engineers and land surveyors (calif.)
brhbush, roed & hitchings (firm)
cirsscalifornia integrated remote sensing system
cimiscalifornia irrigation management information system
csvnscalifornia surveying virtual survey network (california surveying and drafting supply
cgrgcanadian geomorphology research group
crsacanadian regional science association
comiscartographic operations management information system
cpsocataloging policy and support office (library of congress)
cindicenter for integration of natural disaster information (usgs)
cercgcentre d`etudes et de realisations cartographiques geographiques (france)
cti-scentre for topographic information - sherbrooke
cbpchesapeake bay project
citygcity graphic
crpdcity real property database
cgsiccivil gps service interface committee
cgsicocivil gps service interface committee
cmmcoalbed methane map (wyoming state geological survey)
czmilcoastal zone mapping and imaging lidar
cdotcolorado dept. of transportation
cbetconcrete block enclosed elevator
corscontinuously operated reference station(s); continuously operating gps reference stations
cognacouncil of geographic names authorities
criscross-track infrared sounder (us)
dmaspoemdefense mapping agency special program office for exploitation modernization
dnpmdepartamento nacional de produc~ao mineral (brazil)
dfwdept. of fish and wildlife
dohdept. of health
digcatdigital catalog
dspwdigital photogrammetric workstation (usce)
dgmgdireccion general de minas y geologia (venezuela)
desidiversified energy services, inc.
esisearth science information system
esmieuropean spatial metadata infrastructure
fgeffederal geographic exchange format (u.s.)
fwpcafederal water pollution control administration (u.s.)
fdlsfiji dept. of lands and survey
fsplsflorida society of professional land surveyors
gcrageographic and cartographic research and applications section
grsugeography remote sensing unit (univ. of california, santa barbara)
gnugeologic names unit (usgs)
gspnggeological survey papua new guinea
gssageological survey south africa
gcrcgeomatics and cartographic research centre
gtcmgeospatial technology competency model (us dept. of labor)
giftsgeosynchronous imaging fourier transform spectrometer
gltnglobal land tool network
gposgovernment printing office style manual
glaigreen leaf area index
he/shardcopy exploitation segment
bsnhheadwater basin
hlwhigh level waste (radioactivity)
hlrshighway location reference standard
hgishistorical gis
htchydrographic topographic center (usdma)
ikcsi.k. curtis services, inc.
igesinitial graphics exchange specification; international graphics exchange system
irsainst. of remote sensing applications
iemvtinstitut d`elevage et de medecine veterinaire des pays tropicaux