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CCTV glossary (глоссарий терминов по видеонаблюдению)

impedance (input or output)1) The input or output characteristic of a system component that determines the type of transmission cable to be used. The cable used must have the same characteristic impedance as the component. Expr...
color sync signalA signal used to establish and to maintain the same color relationships that are transmitted.
color saturationThe degree to which a color is free of white light.
color purityThe degree to which a color is free of white or any other color. In reference to the operation of a tri-color picture tube it refers to the production of pure red, green or blue illumination of the ph...
color fringingSpurious colors introduced into the picture by the change in position of the televised object from field to field.
color encoderA device which produces an NTSC color signal from separate R, G, and B video inputs.
color edgingExtraneous colors appearing at the edges of colored objects, and differing from the true colors in the object.
color burst1) That portion of the composite color signal, comprising a few cycles of a sine wave of chrominance sub carrier frequency, which is used to establish a reference for demodulating the chrominance sign...
clampingThe process that established a fixed level for the picture level at the beginning of each scanning line.
chromaticityThe color quality of light which is defined by the wavelength (hue) and saturation. Chromaticity defines all the qualities of color except its brightness.
chroma detectorDetects the absence of chrominance information in a color encoder input. The chroma detector automatically deletes the color burst from the color encoder output when the absence of chrominance is dete...
color transmission1) The transmission of a signal which represents both the brightness values and the color values in a picture.
2) a method of transmitting color television signals which can reproduce the different...

composite video signal1) The combined picture signal, including vertical and horizontal blanking and synchronizing signals.
2) A signal in which the luminance and chrominance information has been
3) a signal in which...

contrast rangeThe ratio between the whitest and blackest portions of television image.
genlock1) A device used to lock the frequency of an internal sync generator to an external source.
2) circuitry that synchronizes one video signal to another video signal. there are three types of genlock...

front porch1) The portion of a composite picture signal which lies between the leading edge of the horizontal blanking pulse and the leading edge of the corresponding sync pulse.
2) The blanking signal portio...

frequency response1) The range of band of frequencies to which a unit of electronic equipment will offer essentially the same characteristics.
2) частотная характеристика

fr; частотная характеристика;
frequency interlaceThe method by which color and black and white sideband signals are interwoven within the same channel bandwidth.
frame frequencyThe number of times per second that the frame is scanned. The U.S. standard is 30 frames per second.
foot lambert (fl)A unit of luminance equal to 1/candela per square foot or to the uniform luminance at a perfectly diffusing surface emitting or reflecting light at the rate of one lumen per square foot. A lumen per s...
foot candleSee lumen/ft 2.
f/stopAlso called F Number and F System. Refers to the speed or ability of a lens to pass light. It is calculated by dividing the focal length of the lens by its diameter.
eia syncThe signal used for the synchronizing of scanning specified in EIA Standards RS-170, RS-330, RS-343, or subsequent issues.
depth of focus1) The range of sensor-to-lens distance for which the image formed by the lens is clearly focused.
2) the distance over which the focused laser spot has a constant diameter and thus constant irradi...

chroma controlA control of color television receiver that regulates the saturation (vividness) of colors in a color picture.
c mountA television camera lens mount of the 16 mm format, 1 inch in diameter with 32 threads per inch.
burned-in-imageAlso called burn. An image which persists in a fixed position in the output signal of a camera tube after the camera has been turned to a different scene or, on a monitor screen.
lcd (liquid crystal display)1) Technology used for flat screen displays.
2) lcd screens, usually found on the rear of digital cameras, allow you to preview and review photographs you are about to take or have taken. lcds util...

auto irisSecurity cameras with auto iris, have the ability to compensate for large variations in light levels. This is useful for security cameras that need to adjust for changes from bright sunlight to darkne...
ip waterproof ratingIP waterproof ratings are a BSi standard measurement for how waterproof something is. Many security cameras or camera housings are designed for outdoor use need to be waterproof. The IP rating number ...
ccd charge coupled deviceCharge Coupled Device, CCD, is one of the two main types of image sensors used in security cameras. When a video is recorded, the CCD is struck by light coming through the camera`s lens. Each of the t...
bnc connectorBNC is a connector for coaxial cable that is most commonly used for CCTV installations.
wdr security camerasA WDR security camera (Wide Dynamic Range) is used for capturing clear images of objects surrounded by a strong back light, while still keeping the background visible.
co-axial cableA type of cable typically used in cctv installations that has a central conductor, surrounded by a shield sharing the same axis. The shield can be made from a variety of materials including, braided c...
geovisionA quality brand of DVR Cards made for Windows based computers. A complete line of Geovision DVR Cards can be seen here: Geovision DVR Cards.
osd (on screen display)1) A method of displaying set-up information and/or instructions on a display monitor.
2) информация наложенная на изображение на экране, например дата, время, меню и т.д.

dvr (digital video recorder)A Digital Video Recorder is a generic term for a device that is similar to a VCR but records television data in digital on a hard drive as opposed to a VCR tape. A DVR looks like a VCR and has all of ...
dwell time programmingThe length of time a switcher or CCTV multiplexer displays one camera before sequencing to the next. Multiplexers with dwell time programming capability allow you control this length of time.
back light compensationThis is a feature of security cameras that automatically adjusts the image to compensate for bright light to give more detail on the darker areas of the image. For example, use is to focus on the deta...
blooming1) The defocusing of regions of the picture where the brightness is at an excessive level, due to enlargement of spot size and halation of the fluorescent screen of the cathode-ray picture tube. In a ...
bar test patternSpecial test pattern for adjusting color TV receivers or color encoders. The upper portion consists of vertical bars of saturated colors and white. The power horizontal bars have black and white areas...
back porch1) That portion of the composite picture signal which lies between the trailing edge of the horizontal sync pulse and the trailing edge of the corresponding blanking pulse.
2) 1. The portion of a v...

automatic iris lensA lens that automatically adjusts the amount of light reaching the imager.
automatic frequencyAn arrangement whereby the frequency of an oscillator is automatically maintained within specified limits.
auto light rangeThe range of light, e.g., sunlight to moonlight, over which a TV camera is capable of automatically operating at specified output.
varifocal (zoom)This refers to a type of lens that has the capability to change the focal length. This allows adjustment of the magnification and field of view of the security camera.
network cameraThis refers to a camera that is designed to record pictures and transmit them directly over a computer network or internet connection. Network cameras normally do not have any analogue video outputs. ...
signal to noise ratio (s/n ratio)This is the ratio between the signal strength and the noise levels on an audio or video signal.
television lines (tvl)This is a measure of the resolution of a video device. The higher the number, the higher the resolution is. 380 TVL is considered medium resolution. 480 TVL or greater is considered high resolution.