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Глоссарий по газовому отопительному оборудованию (английкий язык)

contour comfort controlThe brain behind the most advanced furnace technology available today. Used in the Rheem Classic 90 Plus Modulating Gas Furnaces with Contour Comfort Control™, this breakthrough technology can keep te...
watt/wattsElectrical power, also expressed as `W`. For example, a 100W globe consumes 100 Watts of electrical power. The W in Watt is always uppercased, because it is named after a person.
srn1) The Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute performs tests and assigns a Sound Rating Number (SRN) to units. A lower SRN rating indicates a quieter unit with average SRNs of between 74dB and 8...
short-range navigation (system);
package unitEquipment in which all heating and cooling components are located in one cabinet. Installed either beside or on top of a home or business.
modulating furnacesFurnaces are designed to deliver maximum heat for comfort on the coldest of days. In most cases, those days account for fewer than three percent of winter days. The rest of the time, your furnace is p...
indoor coilsSplit-system home comfort systems use two main components to deliver air for a comfortable living environment. The indoor coil is the device responsible for transferring heat from indoors to the outdo...
horizontal flowA term used to describe the direction of airflow through a furnace. A horizontal flow furnace takes return air from one side, heats it, and then delivers the warm air from the other side.
evaporator coil/evaporatorAn integral part of the indoor unit of a heat pump or air conditioning system. So called because when warm air passes over a coil filled with liquid refrigerant, the refrigerant itself evaporates and ...
duct/ductwork/ductingA central heating and air conditioning system uses many components to heat or cool air. This warm or cool air is then transferred to different registers throughout the house via special, flexible, lar...
downflow1) A term used to describe the direction of airflow through a furnace. A downflow furnace takes return air from the top, heats it, and then delivers the warm air from the bottom.
2) нисходящий (воз...

dfl; нисходящий поток;
zone/zoningA home may be divided into several different areas, or zones, to better control the temperatures throughout the house. The process of dividing your home into different zones is called zoning.