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Глоссарий по водонагревателям компании Whirlpool

american national standards institute (ansi)Agency that sets standards for safety of gas water heaters.
nitrogen oxideGas by-product of combustion that is harmful to the earth`s atmosphere.
окись азота;
mixing valve (tempering valve)Device that mixes cold water with hot water supplied to general use fixtures.
gallons per hour (gph) recoveryThe amount of water, in gallons per hour, that a water heater can raise by 90° increase in temperature.
flue baffle1) A device located in the center of the flue that slows the rising heat and gasses produced by the combustion process, enabling the water to absorb more heat.
2) A device to deflect, check or regu...

energy guide label1) Yellow label displayed on every water heater that compares that model`s energy use to similar models.
2) The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that gas, electric and oil residential automa...

energy cutoff switch (eco)Gas water heater safety device that shuts off the gas supply to the unit if water temperature exceeds 190°F. The ECO is a single-use switch and requires complete replacement of the entire thermostat i...
dielectric connectionsWater connectors that reduce the flow of electricity related to galvanic corrosion, from the house piping to the water heater.
department of energy (doe)Government agency that regulates water heater efficiencies.
british thermal unit (btu)The amount of energy required to heat one pound of water by 1°F.
anode or anode rodSacrificial component made of aluminum, magnesium, or other alloys, that is corroded by electrical currents in order to protect the inside of the tank.