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Глоссарий акронимов по информатике (Information technology acronyms)

access control listAccess control list, Cisco overview
asymmetric digital subscriber lineITU-T G.992.5 Annex M, for example
advanced encryption standardU.S. FIPS PUB 197
bgpBorder Gateway Protocol (routing protocol)
border gateway protocol (routing protocol)RFC 4271
standards organization that has been replaced by itu-tITU-T
challenge-handshake authentication protocol (ppp)RFC 1994
committed information rate (frame relay)RFC 1490 RFC 1973 RFC 2427
command line interpreterCatalyst 6500 Series Command Reference, 7.6, for example
customer premises equipmentTelecom Glossary
cyclical redundancy check24 References here.
crc-16-ccittCyclical redundancy check (X.25, HDLC)
csma/caCarrier sense multiple access / collision avoidance
carrier sense multiple access / collision avoidanceIEEE Std 802.11 Downloads
carrier sense multiple access / collision detectionIEEE Std 802.3TM-2002
csu/dsuChannel service unit / data service unit
channel service unit / data service unitTelecom Glossary
digital equipment corporation1) Purchased by Compaq in 1998. Merged with Hewlett-Packard 2002.
2) фирма «диджитл экуипмент корпорейшн»
digital subscriber line access muliplexorTelecom Glossary (proposed)
ehaEthernet Hardware Address (MAC address)
ethernet hardware address (mac address)IEEE Std 802 IEEE OUI Assignments
electronics industry allianceEIA
enhanced interior gateway routing protocolCisco Doc ID: 16406
ess1) Extended service set (Wi-Fi group)
2) Earth station simulator
3) effective static stability
4) efficient sensing systems (program)
5) electronic switching system
6) emergency survival system
7) emplaced scientific station
8) entry survival system
9) essential
10) electronic slitless spectrograph
gbic1) Gigabit interface converter
2) GigaBit Interface Converter: Applied in network technology to render interfaces flexible, i.e. converting an electrical interface into an optical interface. This enables flexible operation of an interface as a Gigabit Ethernet via twisted-pair cables or fiber optic cables.
gbpsGigabit per second
gigabit per secondGigabit per second
hypertext transfer protocolW3C Change History for HTTP
https1) HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure
2) Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure: Encrypts and authenticates communication between Web server and browser.
hypertext transfer protocol secureSSL 3.0 Specification
ianaInternet Assigned Number Authority
intrusion detection systemCisco Product Index
institute for electrical and electronic engineersIEEE
internet message access protocolRFC 3501
intrusion prevention system“NIST – Guide to Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS)”. 2007-02. Retrieved 2010-08-24.
is-isIntermediate System to Intermediate System (routing protocol)
itu-tInternational Telecommunications Union
lapfLink-access procedure for frame relay
link-access procedure for frame relayRFC 1490
multiple choiceAbout certification exams
management information base (snmp)RFC 3418
mplsMultiprotocol Label Switching
multiprotocol label switching
maximum transmission unit
nac1) Network access control
2) nacelle
3) national aero club
4) national aeronautical council
5) national air communications
6) national airways corporation
7) national aviation corporation
8) naval air center
9) northeast air command
10) nasa advisory council
network access controlIEEE 802.1x
nat1) Network Address Translation
2) national air transport
3) naval air training
4) navy agile target
5) network analysis theory
6) north atlantic region
nbmaNon-Broadcast Multiple Access (e.g. Frame Relay ATM)
non-return-to-zeroFederal Standard 1037C
non-return to zero invertedFederal Standard 1037C
non-volatile ramSample vendor data here
open system interconnect (joint iso and itu standard)ISO/IEC 9594-5:2005 Open Systems Interconnection Protocol Specifications
open shortest path first (routing protocol)RFC 2238
ouiOrganization Unique Identifier
organization unique identifierIEEE OUI Assignments
password authentication protocolRFC 1334
port address translationRFC 1918
personal computer (host)
pulse-code modulationITU-T G.711
pop3Post Office Protocol, version 3
power-on self testCisco Catalyst 2800 User Guide, for example
pptpPoint-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
point-to-point tunneling protocolRFC 2637
public telephone and telegraphTelecom Glossary or Free Dictionary
pvstPer-VLAN Spanning Tree
remote authentication dial-in user serviceRFC 2865
rarpReverse ARP
reverse arpRFC 903
routing information protocolRFC 2453, for RIP version 2
run-length limitedRLL is used in a wide range of encodings.
rstpRapid Spanning Tree Protocol
rapid spanning tree protocolIEEE 802.1w – Rapid Reconfiguration of Spanning Tree
sfdStart-of-frame delimiter (Ethernet, HDLC, etc.)
s-httpSecure HTTP (rarely used)
secure http (rarely used)RFC 2660 See also https
serial line arp (address resolution protocol)Archived Cisco Serial Line Encapulation extension
systems network architecture (ibm)SNA Protocol Suite
subnet access protocolIEEE 802 Overview and Architecture
sof1) Start of frame
2) supervisor of flying
3) statement of facts
start of frame1) IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet), or RFC 2687 (HDLC), for examples
2) начало кадра
sram1) Static random access memory
2) short-range attack missile
static random access memoryPC Guide’s Definition
secure shellRFC 4252
ssidService set identifier (Wi-Fi)
service set identifier (wi-fi)IEEE 802.11
spanning tree protocolCisco’s Introduction to Spanning Tree Protocol
syn (tcp)Synchronization
telecommunications industry allianceTelecommunications Industry Association
user datagram protocolRFC 768
universal serial busUSB 3.0 Specification
vlanVirtual local area network
virtual local area networkIEEE 802.1Q
w3cWorld Wide Web Consortium
wepWired Equivalent Privacy
wired equivalent privacyIEEE 802.11
wi-fiIEEE 802.11 (Wi-Fi Alliance)
wi-fi protected accessIEEE 802.11i