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Heating and Cooling Glossary

ahri1) American Heating and Refrigeration Institute (responsible for rating heating and cooling equipment)
2) Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute.
upflow1) A type of air conditioning system that discharges air into the conditioned space via a top-mounted discharge plenum or through an overhead duct system
2) A term used to describe the direction of airflow through a furnace. An upflow furnace takes return air from the bottom, heats it, and then delivers the warm air from the top.
3) восходящий поток
tonnage1) The unit of measure used in air conditioning to describe the cooling capacity of a system One ton of cooling is based on the amount of heat needed to melt one
2) various measures of the size or cargo carrying capacity of a ship, including:
3) deadweight, gross, net, displacement; a quantity of cargo normally expressed as a number of tons.
4) a quantity of cargo normally expressed as a number of tons.
5) deadweight, gross, net, displacement.
supplementary heatAuxiliary or emergency heat, usually electrical resistance heat, provided at temperatures below a heat pump
single packageA year-round heating and air conditioning system with all components encased in one unit outside the home
sensible cooling capacityAn air conditioning system
seer (seasonal energy efficiency ratio)A rating that denotes the efficiency of air conditioning equipment in terms of the amount of cooling your equipment delivers for every dollar spent on electric
operating cost1) The day-to-day cost of running your home comfort equipment, based on daily energy use
2) The cost of running a water heater for a given time period.
latent cooling capacityAn air conditioning system
integrally controlled motor (icm)A variable-speed motor that operates at low RPM when possible for efficiency and quiet operation More than
indoor coilA refrigerant containing a portion of a fan coil unit similar to a car radiator, typically made of several rows of copper tubing with aluminum fins
humidificationThe process of adding moisture to the air within a space
heating seasonal performance factor (hspf)The total heating output of a heat pump in BTUs during its normal usage period for heating, as divided by the total electrical energy input in watt-hours durin
heat sourceA body of air or liquid from which heat is collected With any heat pumps, the air outside the home is the source for the heating cycle
energy efficiency ratio (eer)The ratio of an air conditioning unit
emergency heat (supplemental or auxiliary heat)The backup heat built into a heat pump system
btu (british thermal unit)The standard of measurement used for the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree (Fahrenheit) BTUh
annual fuel utilization efficiency (afue)A rating that measures the amount of heating your equipment delivers for every dollar spent on fuel; the higher the better A higher rating indicates more effic
zone system1) A method of dividing a home into zones that makes it possible to control the amount of comfort provided to each
2) a series of ten zones (or tones) from 0 (black) to 9 (white) with 5 being middle gray and reflecting 18% of the light. each zone reflects double or half of the light (1 stop) of the adjacent one. specific subject tones can be placed in predetermined zones that best suit a particular subject, contrast range, and stylistic intent. developed by ansel adams, the system is widely taught and is detailed in books by minor white and others.
3) an exposure calculating system based upon previsualizing the scene as a set of tonal variations, and exposing and developing to maximum that tonal set.