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Syndicated Loan Glossary

  1. When the lenders have the right to demand the immediate repayment of all outstanding debt upon the occurrence of an event of default in a credit agreement (after any grace period, if applicabl... досрочное исполнение обязательств; ускорение; a; accel; акселерация; ускорения; циркуляции;
accordion feature
    A type of option that a borrower can have inserted into a syndicated credit agreement at the outset of the transaction which allows it to increase the principal under the credit agreement, subject...
agency fee
  1. This is an annual fee, calculated as a lump sum or per bank per annum, payable by the borrower to compensate the agent for the mechanical and operational work performed by that bank under the ... агентское вознаграждение;
    Gradual repayment of a debt over time in a series of regular or irregular payments.
    A bank or other financial institution responsible for originating and syndicating a transaction. the arranger always has a senior role, is often also the agent and if required, usually underwrites...
asset backed security
    asset backed security (abs)
      A security which is supported by assets such as mortgages, car loans, credit card receivables, owned by the issuer of the security and usually placed with a trustee.
    axe sheet
      Key details of a syndicated transaction, covering name of borrower, type of facility, term of facility and pricing details.
    bank for international settlements (bis)
      International organisation which fosters cooperation among central banks and other agencies in pursuit of monetary and financial stability. its banking services are provided exclusively to central... банк международных расчетов (бмр);
    basel i
      Framework agreed in 1988 by the basel committee on banking supervision relating to supervisory regulations governing the capital adequacy of international banks.
    basis point (bp)
      1/100 of one percent (0.01%). it is the unit of measurement used to describe fees or spreads in most loan transactions.
      British bankers association.
      The bank(s) appointed to run the books during the execution phase of syndication with responsibility for issuing invitations, disseminating information to interested banks and informing both the b...
    break funding
      Break funding seeks to ensure that neither party to a secondary loan trade is disadvantaged as a result of movements in the underlying funding rate where the settlement date is not a loan rollover...
      A buy-in/sell-out concept on secondary loan trades serves as a mechanism for enforcing delayed settlement compensation.
      British venture capital association, the industry body for the uk private equity and venture capital industry.
      Compound annual growth rate.
      chicago board of trade;
      1. Correlated double sampling. a technique used in the design of some ccd cameras that

      2. Central data subsystem

      3. Climatoldgical data sheet

      4. Cold-drawn steel

        credit default swaps; central data subsystem; climatoldgical data sheet; cold-drawn steel; command-destruct signal; container delivery system; controlled delivery system; catalogue of data sources; кадмия сульфид ,;
      chapter 11
        Us bankruptcy law under which a corporation seeks protection from its creditors while it seeks to revitalise the business.
      chicago board of trade
        chicago board of trade (cbot)
          Cbot was established in 1848 and is a leading futures and options exchange with over 3,600 members trading 50 different contracts in financial and agricultural products.
        clear market
          An agreement by a borrower at the mandate stage of a syndicated loan not to engage in other public financings which could compete with the syndicated loan being arranged.
        club loan
          A loan where a group of lenders agree to take and hold an asset at the outset of the transaction with no intention of reducing their commitments through subsequent syndication.
        collateralised debt obligations
          collateralised loan obligations
            collateralised loan obligations (clo)
              A cdo where the debt obligations are loans.
            commercial paper (cp)
              A short term unsecured promise to repay a debt on a certain future date, usually written as a promissory note and sold at a discount.
            commitment fee
              An annual percentage fee payable to a bank on the undrawn portion of a committed loan facility. typically paid quarterly in arrears.
            коммисия за обязательство; oneri di mantenimento;
              The interest which is paid on a bond.
            credit default swaps
              cross default
                An event of default under a loan agreement triggered by a default in the payment of, or the actual or potential acceleration of the repayment of, other financial indebtedness of the same borrower ... omissione incrociata;
              cross-over credit
                A company rated investment grade by one credit rating agency and high yield by another.
              delayed compensation
                A component of pricing in the settlement of loan trades which do not close on a timely basis. delayed compensation is intended to place the parties in the approximate economic position on the actu...
              economic capital
                Amount of capital required by banks to offset all expected potential losses.
              expected loss
                The expected value of portfolio losses due to default over a specified time horizon. lenders set aside provisions to cover expected losses.
              ожидаемые убытки; ожидаемый убыток;
              extension fee
                The fee charged when an existing committed facility is extended beyond the original maturity date.
              facility fee
                An annual percentage fee, payable by the borrower, pro-rata to banks providing a credit facility to that borrower - it is calculated on the full amount of the facility, whether or not the facility...
                financial accounting standards board;
                  front end fee;
                  financial accounting standards board
                    financial accounting standards board (fasb)
                      Formed in 1973, fasb is the designated organization in the us private sector for establishing standards of financial accounting and reporting and for governing the preparation of financial reports...
                    financial services authority (fsa)
                      The fsa was established in 1997 and is primarily responsible for regulatory supervision of the financial sector in the uk. it is accountable to parliament via hm treasury.
                    fixed rate bond
                      A security on which the coupon is paid at a fixed rate set at the beginning of the arrangement and applied for the whole life of the agreement.
                    floating rate bond or note
                      floating rate bond or note (frn)
                        A security on which the coupon paid changes on every interest roll-date throughout the life of the debt in line with a reference rate - such as libor or euribor.
                        floating rate bond or note;
                        front end fee
                          front end fee (fef)
                            A fee, calculated as a percentage of the principal amount, which is payable once, generally at signing of the loan agreement or shortly thereafter.
                            generally accepted accounting principles;