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Глоссарий аббревиатур в области высокочастотной электроники

atdeAdvanced Technology Demonstration Engine
american personal communications
arma1) American Bosch Arma
2) Arma Division (of American Bosch Arma)
boundary element method
buffered field-effect transistor logic
carrier-to-intermodulation products
combined-mode resonator filter
communication and surveillance/air traffic management
ceptАссоциация министерств связи и администраций сетей связи из 18 европейских стран
cumulative distribution function
data acquisitionсбор [накопление] данных
decoy launch/recovery unit
dro1) destructive readout
2) digital readout
3) digital revision overlay
direct digital synthesis
direct-broadcast satellite
distance to fault
electrically erasable programmable read-only memory
electronic toll collecting
electronics industry association/telecommunications industry association
equivalent series inductance
erbium-doped fiber amplifier
false alarm rate
fem1) finite element method
2) finite-element method
finite-difference time domain
fdr1) floating drilling rig
2) feeder
3) fire door
4) flight data recorder
5) functional demonstration requirements
frequency-hop multiple access
frequency-hopping spread spectrum
frequency-selective conducting surface
frequency-shift keying
general packet radio service
global system for mobile communications
high electron mobility transistor
hga1) high gain antenna
2) high-gain antenna
high gain antennaантенна с высоким коэффициентом усиления см. также LGA, MGA
impattimpulse avalanche transit time (diode)
integrated power systems
intelligent mobile data network
imdintercept monitoring display
imei1) уникальный международный идентификатор мобильного оборудования, прошивается в аппарат при производстве.
2) (International Mobile Equipment Identity) Международное мобильный индификатор оборудования [используется как уникальный серийный номер, применяется в GSM]
joint picture experts group
ld1) low-deflection (e.g., a LD shaft).
2) land
3) landing
4) landing distance
5) launching dispersion
6) launching division
7) lead
8) line of departure
9) list of drawings
10) load
11) load design
12) logarithmic decrement
13) long distance
14) low-drag
15) lower deck
16) lunar docking
17) lethal dose
18) laser desorption
19) linear dichroism
local oscillator1) местный генератор, гетеродин.
2) местный гетеродин [генератор колебаний]
local-multipoint distribution systems
low noise amplifierусилитель с низким уровнем шума
manufacturing cycle efficiency
medium extended air defense system
metal semiconductor field-effect transistor
metal-matrix composite
metal-oxide semiconductor
metal-oxide semiconductor-controlled thyristor
millimeter-wave and microwave integrated circuit
mixed potential integral equation
mobile satellite system
msc1) management systems corporation
2) materiel safety center
3) military space command
4) missile and space council
5) missile system checkout
6) mobile satellite communications (terminal)
7) map society of california; mapping science committee (nrc)
8) maritime safety committee, a major committee within the international maritime organization.
9) military sealift command, u.s. department of the navy.
noise gain analyzer
output power backoff
othover the horizon
ponabbreviation for passive optical network. a broadband fiber optic access network that uses a means of sharing fiber to the home without running individual fiber optic lines from an exchange point, telco co, or a catv headend and the subscriber’s home.
periodic permanent magnet
paapriority abatement areas; provincial archives of alberta
power spectral density1) спектральная плотность мощности
2) плотность силового спектра
3) optical power or noise power per unit frequency interval
pseudorandom binary/bit sequence
pulse repetition frequency
quarter-wave rule
radar cross-section
rwr1) radar warning radome
2) radar warning receiver
3) rear warning radar
radio frequency identification
reliability without hermeticity
short message service
signal intelligenceсигнальная разведка, сбор, анализ и оценка излучаемых сигналов; радиоэлектронная разведка
single sideband
solid-state power amplifierтвердотельный усилитель мощности
specialized mobile radio
statistical process controlA general term used to describe those aspects of a control system in which statistics are applied to determine whether observed measurements fall within the range expected due to the random variation of the process. Industrial process control procedures provided the basis for introduction of statistical control in healthcare laboratories, however, industrial process control procedures often use the mean and range of a group of control measurements (e.g., Shewhart mean and range charts), whereas healthcare applications tend towards the use individual measurements or individual-value control charts, such as the Levey-Jennings chart.
successive detection log amplifier
super high frequency
surface-mount package
telecommunication management network
temperature-compensated crystal oscillator
thallium barium calcium copper oxide
transimpedance amplifier
twt1) tap weight transformation
2) transonic wind tunnel
3) traveling-wave tube
uwbunderwater burst
yttrium iron garnet
zero intermediate frequency