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Glosario Legal

intestate successionThe process by which the property of a person who has died without a will passes on to others according to state law
joinTo unite, to combine, to enter into an alliance
joint and several liabilityA legal doctrine that makes each of the parties who are r
tenencia conjuntaCuando dos o mas personas poseen algo y tienen los derechos de la supervivencia. Esto significa que si un arrendatario muere, su parte es heredada por los otros arrendatarios
empresa conjuntaUna asociacion de personas emprendiendo colectivamente una empresa comercial. A diferencia de una asociacion, una empresa conjunta no supone o crea una relacion continua entre las partes
delito chico con relacion a autosTomar ilegalmente un automovil sin la intencion de privar al dueno permanentemente del vehiculo, que aveces implican manejo descuidado
juezUn funcionario publico elegido o designado con la autoridad para oir y decidir los casos en un tribunal de la ley
falloLa decision final del juez en un caso. Declara cuanto tiene que pagar la persona que perdio a la persona que gano, y cuando. A veces se puede cambiar la parte del fallo con una audencia
el acredetor del falloLa persona que gana el caso
el deudor del falloLa persona que pierde el caso
johnson motionA motion to discuss grand jury indictment
ues que la audencia preliminar ha ocurrido y el jurado ha sido juramentado
jeopardyRisk to a defendant of possible conviction and punishment. In a criminal case, the defendant is usually said to be "in jeopardy" after the preliminary hearing has taken place and the jury has been swo...
intoxicationA diminished ability to act with full mental and physical capabilities because of alcohol or drug consumption; drunkenness
introductory instructionsPre-trial admonitions or statements by judge or other court official that explain to the jury, lawyers, and/ or audience their duties, and obligations during court proceedings
investigationA legal inquiry to discover and collect facts concerning a certain matter
ecto a un cierto asunto
involuntary manslaughterThe unlawful killing of a human being in which there is no intention to kill or do grievous bodily harm, but that is committed with criminal negligence or during the commission of a crime not included...
embriaguez involuntariaLa ingestion de alcohol o drogas contra la voluntad de uno o sin el conocimiento de uno. Esto se puede utilizar como una defensa afirmativa a un cargo criminal de la negligencia
ues de que este hecho
irrevocable trustA trust that cannot be changed or cancelled after it is made
issue1) The disputed point in a disagreement between parties in a lawsuit. 2) To send out officially, as when a court issues an order
jailA place of confinement that is more than a police station and less than a prison. It is usually used to hold persons convicted of misdemeanors or persons awaiting trial
concilio judicialLa ajencia constitucionalmente r
judicial officerJudges, referees, and commissioners who make court decisions as a judge
jury instructionsDirections that the judge gives the jury right before they decide a case. They tell the jury what laws apply to that particular case
jury trialA trial that is heard and decided by a jury
justificationA lawful or sufficient reason for one’s acts or omissions. A defense of justification is a showing of a sufficient reason for an action by defendant. For example, in an assault prosecution against a d...
homicidio justificable/justificadoLa muerte intencional de otro humano sin diseno malo, y bajo cual las circunstancias de la necesidad o el deber rinden el homicidio como acto apropiado, y liberan la parte de cualquier culpabilidad
juvinile courtPart of the Superior Court that handles delinquency and dependency cases involving minors
juvinile hallThe facility where juvenile offenders are held in custody
kidnappingThe taking or detaining of a person against his or her will and without lawful authority
juvenile waiverA procedure by which a charge(s) against a minor is transferred from a juvenile to circuit court
keeperAn officer that the court appoints to be r
ues de un periodo conveniente de la deliberacion
hung juryA jury which is unable to agree on a verdict after a suitable period of deliberation
jury foremanThe juror who is in charge of the jury during deliberations and speaks for the jury in court when announcing the verdict
judicial reviewThe authority of a court to review the official actions of other branches of government. Also, the authority to declare unconstitutional the actions of other branches
juratCertificate of officer or person before whom writing was sworn to. The clause written at the foot of an affidavit, stating where, when, and before whom the affidavit was sworn
jurisdiction(1) The legal authority of a court to hear and decide a case. (2) The geographic area over which the court has authority to decide cases. (3) the territory, subject matter, or persons over which lawfu...
audencias jurisdictionalesUna audencia en que el tribunal determina si un nino cabe bajo la jurisdiccion del tribunal juvenil
juryA group of citizens picked according to law and authorized to decide a case
jury boxThe specific place in the courtroom where the jury sits during the trial
ecifico en la sala donde el jurado se sienta durante el juicio
jury commissionerThe local official r
onsable de dar las listas al tribunal de jurados calificados como jurados potenciales